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Chicken burger

Chicken burger with a high protein content

What makes a chicken burger special and ideal for our body? Answering this question will be key to understanding a concept that is not taken into account when eating food: recipes with high protein content. [..]

Sushi Recipe

Easy Sushi Recipe

Every time we like oriental flavors more and although not everything is sushi in the Japanese kitchen, without a doubt this elaboration is one of the ones that everybody likes the most. As it is [..]

12 interesting Italian food facts

If you thought Italian food was only spaghetti and pizza, then think again! Here are twelve interesting facts about Italian food to help you get better acquainted with this world-famous cuisine. Image Credit Facts 1-6 [..]

Carrot Cake

Easy Recipe: Carrot Cake

Usually any cake is easy to make, although it is advisable to apply some trick to get homemade sponge cakes. However, in the case of the carrot cake does not have to do anything special to make it [..]