These are the monitors with AOC and Philips that users want to conquer this year

It is usually traditionally moved as far as news is concerned and this year 2016 would not be an exception. The IFA gives much play and we are still with news that has left this and other fairs. So now comes the turn to speak monitors.

AOC and Philips have unveiled its new range of monitors. They are models designed to meet the needs of all users, from passionate about video games to the executive to take care of the small details.

We started with AOC and so we are seeking to combine new monitors resolution, quality and design starting in this case by the AGON AG271QG, a monitor designed for lovers of video games. This monitor features an IPS (Ahva) panel that provides more vivid, vibrant colors, with a native resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and a frequency of 165 Hz, which removes ghosting. It also has the NVIDIA G-SYNC technology that synchronizes panel refresh rates with the graphics card. Continue reading “These are the monitors with AOC and Philips that users want to conquer this year”

Project i20

Project i20, electrical and autonomous car that BMW wants to compete against Tesla

The future looks promising for technology in cars, today we are facing a significant share of electric cars aiming to increase year after year; on the other hand are the systems of autonomous driving, where several companies have active developments with a view to having the first commercial products during the next decade.

Here BMW has taken it easy, or at least have decided not to show off their progress as others, as everything has been in tentative dates, images concept and the promise that their autonomous car will arrive in 2021, as claimed ago about months. Today comes to light new information on this project which was known as ‘i NEXT’ and from now changed to ‘i20 Project’, which aims to be launched in 2025. Continue reading “Project i20, electrical and autonomous car that BMW wants to compete against Tesla”


‘Arrival’ impressive teaser trailer for the new film by Denis Villeneuve

“The language is the first weapon that pulls in a conflict.”

Here we have the first trailer of ‘Arrival’, the new film by Denis Villeneuve, starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. The director of ‘Prisoners’ and ‘Sicario’ makes its first foray into science fiction before undertaking the complicated filming the sequel of ‘Blade Runner’. For now, what we see is an impressive looking. Continue reading “‘Arrival’ impressive teaser trailer for the new film by Denis Villeneuve”

Order and harmony

Order and harmony … 5 Tricks storage for a bathroom magazine

If we are sure, something is that in the bathroom the order is essential, especially if you use several family members, each with their cleaning supplies and hygiene and they are not too large.

We need enough space, or unusual thing about tricks for the storage places multiply, removing from view our jars, tubes, jars, etc, etc, etc. Continue reading “Order and harmony … 5 Tricks storage for a bathroom magazine”

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go: 17 things to know if you want to master the game

The launch of Pokemon game is always nice, because it is rooted in the heart of one generation after another franchise. However, this time is somewhat different, because Pokemon Go is the first that does not reach a Nintendo game console, but will be distributed on mobile Android and iOS.

This is a milestone; you look at it, because to catch Pokémon around loose in the real world is something that many have dreamed. And although its official launch is still doing to pray in many countries, it is possible to get other legal ways both Android and iOS (although the latter seems more difficult).

So, as I have already one day giving very hard, and I could above the beta test for a limited time, I have a few things to say about the game that could well enough to come along to start. Continue reading “Pokemon Go: 17 things to know if you want to master the game”

How much have to eat

How much have to eat to be an Olympic athlete? How many Big Mac or Donuts could eat?

Within a few days they will begin the expected Olympic Games Rio 2016, one of the most controversial generated as has been approaching the start date;the state, not as good as expected, the Olympic Village, the Zika virus or possible expulsion of Russian athletes due to cases of massive doping, are some of the news that has accompanied us during these previous days to the ceremony opening.

Our athletes are already en route from Rio de Janeiro, a city that hosts the Games this year, where after months preparing mentally will be measured with the best athletes from around the world. A burst of adrenaline and energy that will lead them to give the best of themselves: what do they eat to cope with this time of great tension and emotion?

Tell me what sport you practice and tell you how much you have to eat

And, obviously, it does not have the same physical wear a marathon an athlete archery. We could divide sports into different groups to learn about how many calories you need each of the athletes, but this will always depend, in addition to your sport, other factors: age, sex, height, weight, muscle mass, fat mass …

Dr. Nanna Meyer, a nutritionist at the Olympic Committee and professor of nutrition at the University of Colorado, made an estimate of the calories needed for each type of athlete ahead of the Olympic Games in London. The results are surprising because many Olympians do not eat many more calories than you can take a clerk in his day. Continue reading “How much have to eat to be an Olympic athlete? How many Big Mac or Donuts could eat?”

Six cuisines six styles

A matter of taste: Six cuisines six styles

The kitchen has become one of the most important areas of the home. Actually it was many years ago, lost importance for some decades by a misunderstanding of its function and a progressive decrease in their size … But mistakes are resolved and the kitchen and regains the prominence it deserves.

That’s why we can also generate many doubts when remodel, furnish or decorate it, because somehow their decorative style will define much of the housing. Functional, rustic, classic, ecological, industrial, vintage … what style you want your kitchen? Continue reading “A matter of taste: Six cuisines six styles”