Why bespoke furniture is an investment

What does bespoke mean?

Bespoke means you can have just about anything you like made especially for you. You will get a unique piece that is truly one of a kind, and your custom design will be handmade to fit your room’s exact dimensions.

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Flatpack vs bespoke

Consider the stress of flat-pack self-assembly instructions versus the ease of a finished bespoke product. Unlike a poor-quality flat-pack, bespoke furniture will enhance your home with long-lasting beauty.

Why bespoke?

Bespoke furniture will be a part of you, blending seamlessly into your surroundings. Artisan furniture makers allow you a 100 percent stake in your investment – so you get just what you want without any extraneous additions.

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High quality

From start to finish, bespoke furniture is crafted with care and consideration by expert professionals. Their intervention doesn’t just end when the piece is finished. As time goes by, they will also undertake sofa and chair restoration, repair and re-upholster items, replace covers, mend broken springs and refill cushions.

Style and tailoring

You can tailor your piece of furniture to meet your every need, taking control over its appearance and functionality. As work progresses, you can make adjustments to obtain your chosen aesthetic.

Customers may select the exact design, measurement, finish and fabric of their piece of furniture. Are you of a different height? Chairs can be adjusted for your comfort. Prefer a firmer or softer cushion? Your choice will be assured. Fabrics you can choose from include checks, plaids, florals, stripes, muted and bold colours – there is a world of choice.

With bespoke furniture, it’s possible to complement the existing design of your room and to perfectly match the pieces of furniture you have already.

In Hampshire fitted wardrobes can be ordered bespoke from lamco-design.co.uk/fitted-wardrobes/, or similar and find more information about bespoke furniture here: https://absolutely.london/bespoke-furniture/.

Keepsake pieces

Furniture from brands or chain stores can be characterless and disposable. However, a custom creation becomes an heirloom to be passed on to future generations. Whether you want to fill an awkward gap or exercise your eco-friendly principles, the versatility of bespoke furniture suits everyone.

Support local businesses

Choosing a skilled neighbourhood cabinet maker to create your piece of furniture will financially benefit local craftsmen instead of chain stores. Needless to say, local workmanship and design will be considerably superior.


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