Saturday Night Prime Time TV

Every Saturday night is a battleground for our attention. The main terrestrial channels, the Satellite providers and the streaming services are all fighting for us to watch their shows and spend time on them. It has always been this way. Ever since the creation of ITV the viewing figures for a Saturday have been immensely important. It’s the one time that the TV Directors and producers know that we are in a good mood. Plus, we’re looking to be entertained because so few of us have work in the morning. You still have to have a good reception for the TV so having a TV Aerial Repair Bristol based company like on hand to help if you need them is a good idea.

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Game shows, big star interviews and strong dramas or knockout comedies and, in our modern times, reality and talent shows are the staple to grabbing us and keeping us fixed to the screen. It’s an attempt to stop us from going out to the pub or a nightclub. They provide us with a must watch, can’t miss it, event TV.

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Ant and Dec’s Saturday night takeaway, Michael Mcintyre’s Big Show, Noels House Party, Casualty, Play Your Cards Right, the Generation Game, X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing are all fine examples of the art of the Prime time show. All have a common theme. Strong presenters and a programme that can appeal to everyone in the family.

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