Six reasons tenants should rent through an agency

Fewer people are buying houses today and more are opting to rent, as affordability is a huge concern. This means far more people are getting savvy when it comes to renting a place to stay and know their rights in terms of leases, maintenance and a whole lot more. The trend of renting through an agency rather than directly from a landlord has become a big one, so here we outline six reasons why this is the case.

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1. Trust

Trust is a huge factor when renting – if a tenant does not trust their landlord, it can lead to major issues. Tenants tend to trust an agency more than an individual, especially if the agency has a long and proven track record. Tenants also feel that they will have better recourse if something goes wrong, as they can deal with a company rather than a single entity.

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2. Deposit protection

With an increasing number of people not able to buy or even – in some case – rent in the areas they prefer, the purse strings are held ever tighter. When it comes to paying a deposit, paying an agency rather than an individual feels far safer.

3. Maintenance

Tenants often prefer dealing with a company rather than an individual when things go wrong. Agencies are likely to have tradespeople or staff on their books who can address any emergencies quickly, whereas a private landlord may take a while to find somebody to fix something.

4. Inventory

Incoming and outgoing inspections are crucial for tenants. Professional inventories using property inventory software from specialists such as are often used by agencies to keep track of any issues and note any changes that take place during occupation. Inventories are vital, as they can mean the difference between getting a deposit back and losing it.

5. Safety

Rental agencies ensure that a property is safe before renting it out and that all necessary checks have been completed. This gives tenants greater peace of mind.

6. Peace and quiet

Private landlords sometimes feel that they can enter a tenant’s property at any time. Agencies know this is not acceptable; therefore, they will make an appointment if they need to get inside the property and will always act in a professional manner.