Purple Drank: A perfect drink to get rid of stress

Purple Drank Sizzurp has come from the southern part of United States hip-hop communities. It is basically a liquid mixed combo of some daily used drinks and candies. Most used ingredients are a prescribed cough syrup that has active Promethazine and Codeine, a soda such as clear Sprite (originally used). You may add any another kind of soda if you want. It will mostly depend on how you prefer the taste and flavor in it.

Alright, to get your most wanted prescribed cough syrup which is your main ingredients, you can try this trick to get that for your drink. Go to your family doctor and tell him you got a serious cough. The situation gets so bad that you can’t even sleep all night. Try to convince him to get a medicine that includes active Promethazine and Codeine in it. Well, you can try at least.

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This glorious cocktail has begun to gain its popularity back in the 90s when it was first introduced in the hip-hop communities. Today, this drink has built a tremendous appeal among the youth. Besides that, in the media world, there are lots of celebrities who don’t ashamed to admit themselves as active consumers of Purple Drank.

To get the perfect result you have to get the cough syrup that includes Promethazine in it. Use around 8 oz. of cough syrup along with clear sprite.  If you like to have fruitier flavor in your drink, you have the freedom to add some of them as well. I personally love the Fanta in my favorite sizzurp. Don’t forget to add one or two Jolly Rancher candy to enhance the sweetened flavor and its most anticipating purple looks. Sip your favorite Purple Drank with some ice cube. Remember, there are thousands of peoples out there, who love to get a sip of this amazing drinks not just because of its drowsiness feeling, but also the wonderful looks and beautiful taste of its.  It has a great power to make someone feel so relaxed and also slow down all your stress. Make you feel like out of the earth.

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