Categories of Broad-Spectrum CBN Soft Gels

CBNs can be used to treat a wide range of skin conditions and disorders. The formulations work by decreasing skin inflammation, which decreases the skin’s pain, itchiness, and redness. These formulations are not for use on broken or damaged skin areas, including wounds, bedsores, etc.

People who have a history of being hypersensitive to any component in these formulations should not use them. They are also only to be used as directed by a doctor or other healthcare professional. If rash occurs at the application site, stop using the product and seek immediate medical attention. If you are pregnant, nursing, or trying to conceive, ask your doctor if the formulation is safe for use on your skin.

The main categories of broad-spectrum CBN soft gels are:

High Potency vs. Medium Potency

High potency formulations have concentrations around 66-100 mcg/mL. High potencies should only be used for children with severe or very active forms of eczema that do not respond to other therapies.

Medium potency formulations contain 33-65 mcg/mL concentrations, and adults should only use these with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis (eczema).

Low Potency Formulations

The lowest strength available is 6-16 mcg/mL, convening in a concentration about 1/4 that of high potencies. These can be used by the elderly, people with chronic conditions, and anyone else who cannot tolerate topical steroids in higher concentrations.

Nonsteroidal Agents

Another broad spectrum CBN soft gels category consists of nonsteroidal agents used for mild to moderate inflammatory skin diseases such as irritant dermatitis or allergic contact dermatitis.

There are also topical immunomodulators (agents that limit inflammation at the skin site) that effectively treat moderate to severe atopic dermatitis when used alone. Due to this, there is a growing interest in using nonsteroidal and topical immunomodulator formulations as first-line therapies for allergies or eczema.

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