Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go: 17 things to know if you want to master the game

The launch of Pokemon game is always nice, because it is rooted in the heart of one generation after another franchise. However, this time is somewhat different, because Pokemon Go is the first that does not reach a Nintendo game console, but will be distributed on mobile Android and iOS.

This is a milestone; you look at it, because to catch Pokémon around loose in the real world is something that many have dreamed. And although its official launch is still doing to pray in many countries, it is possible to get other legal ways both Android and iOS (although the latter seems more difficult).

So, as I have already one day giving very hard, and I could above the beta test for a limited time, I have a few things to say about the game that could well enough to come along to start. Continue reading “Pokemon Go: 17 things to know if you want to master the game”