Super Mario Run, it is not the Mario of always, is one without brakes and with new challenges not easy

Super Mario Run

There are still mushrooms, bricks and coins, but the essence of the mythical game was still in a smaller jar and has finally passed the smartphones in an evolved version of that primal Nintendo Super Mario. The Japanese finally led to its mythical character to the mobile and exhausted after trying to making running hours, we finally have the analysis of Super Mario Run.

Thus, we have to leave aside the buttons of our console to handle the famous plumber on a touch screen and with some new scenarios and dynamics. Looking halfway between nostalgia and novelty stimulus, Nintendo brings a game that really counts several with characters who recognize instantly if we went that in his day and rode worlds looking at a princess.

If you have My Nintendo account, share with advantage

The game we have currently available in the App Store iOS and Android will arrive in 2017. We will see that the game is free, but this allows us to play three screens, twenty seconds of the fourth and become familiar with the game, so if we go further we have to pay 9.99 dollars.

Super Mario Run
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Of course, if we have several devices in-app purchase is maintained and not have to pay again if you install a second . Although, on the other hand, what we will not be able to link our Nintendo account on two devices simultaneously (if we try it will give us error). Something that at the game level has benefits like receiving 100 points (we have 24 hours to accept them once we link), save progress and participate in the My Nintendo Points program, being able to play as Toad (the character who is a mushroom).

Thus, once the game started we choose language, region and if we link with our Nintendo account (we can do that later). The game starts with a tutorial with history (our kingdom is destroyed and our princess kidnapped) as well as the menu and the three basic game modes.

Three ways to play: Mario does not just run

Although in principle the game title and precedents not leave much to the imagination as to the type of game, Super Mario Run actually has several types of items beyond the mode runner horizontally sound virtually all of us. The dynamic is that switching between these three modes and using coins, tickets and Toads go rebuild the kingdom and manage to save Princess Peach.

On the one hand we have the worlds, or what is the same, the way runner that keeps the classic title, but with variations. As we can remember, this one is based on managing Mario by the scenarios that appear appearing collecting coins and others, having a total of six worlds with four screens each one of them (in total 24 screens). We will delve further into the details of these and further on, even for the more games.

The Career mode appear to us after completing the first screen, when we win a ticket, and they shall bear the races. Here we compete with a rival of our choice for a limited time on an infinite level (and with infinite lives), collecting the maximum possible coins and creating spectacle (we have a public to be content). We will serve to unlock characters, buildings and items based on winning races.

Finally we have to rebuild our Mushroom Kingdom, which we are doing buying items such as flowers or buildings such as store mini-games (more on these below). Here we will use the coins that we accumulate, and we will be able to place what we buy in the positions that are arranged in the scene (each item to buy has a short description of its function).

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Tranquility? What is that? Mode runner

The first thing to keep in mind is that here we do not have that Super Mario pixel and waiting for the cursor and the buttons to move forward or back (or jumping). Now is a Mario that will not stop running almost never, so setbacks will not always be possible, so you better be attentive and not let pass anything or sometimes we have no choice but to sacrifice ourselves to go back.

What do we have to do at each level? In addition to survive the same jumping and crushing turtles and others, each of them we coins appear a different color than usual gold . At first five pink coins will appear that we will have to take in the same game if we want to appear the dwellings the next time we make that screen.

The purple coins are really difficult to find and catch, rather than the pinks, and these precede in difficulty and appearance to the black coins. Thus, although we have already played a screen, we have two levels of difficulty as coins, so that each can be played three times, increasing more gameplay (having, instead of 24 screens, 72 in practice).

Our Mario will strive to advance but there are certain automatic movements or chains can run them. Mario will jump small objects like enemies or blocks, so it is not always necessary to crush them, but if we want to get more coins or take advantage of these characters to jump higher we can jump just before touching it. This and other tricks (such as climbing bouncing, hanging us up to a platform, etc.) are summarized in the help (in “Notes”).

How do we jump then? A soft touch will result in a small jump, which is enough to break bricks at a normal height, a short pipe or jump over an enemy, while a long press will make the character make a big jump. There will be more horizontal screens (the first one, one of the ones that most resembles the old Super Mario) and some more vertical ones that have us jumping and bouncing most of the time.

In addition to our movements and chains of these, there will be elements that will make us stop (square with a symbol of pause), go back and other ways to modify the movement non-stop plumber. We will also see that there are arrows that do not influence our march, but that indicate possible directions to take. It is advisable to try to pass them in the direction they mark, since they will make us appear more coins. In the image on the left we see a pause square (symbol “pause”), in the middle the ring that allows us a bonus and to the right how Mario is displaced by the bubble when he loses a life.

As we move forward we will be appearing enemies and new surfaces such as platforms that move as a kind of lifts or springs (platforms embedded in the floor of yellow and blue with an arrow) and small hooks by which Mario will As if they were rings. Here we must bear in mind that it will influence how big we have Mario: if he is small he may not reach a second row of coins when hanging from these rings.

During screens plus we appear different elements that represent an extra bonus coins or facilities to collect them . If we see a large orange ring and we cross it we will progressively appear five dark orange coins, which if we take without leaving us none will give us the power to pick up all the currencies of the screen and eliminate all enemies (even if we do not touch any).

Finally, each level has a last screen with the classic “monster” or stronger enemy. According to which one we will have to dodge it one way or another, but it is always advisable to arrive with Mario senior version in case they give us a touch.

What happens if we fall or give us? Mario is saved by a bubble and it flies back in the game until we decide to exploit it (touching the screen). We have two bubbles per game, so if we have exhausted both retry option (infinitely) or abandon, losing the coins we had collected.

The races be a super star, which gives points and more

In racing against the clock keeps going, but here we have free bar lives and the screen is infinite , so that is the time that marks the end of the race. We will continue with a Mario bent on running, but it is about being faster, but the most spectacularly skilled.

The goal is to earn more Toads, which will go from loser to winner. There are four color Toads and according to the opponent that we choose, we will be betting one or the other. They will also appear in the race as we do pirouettes and chained movements, as will our leaders and the more show, more will come.

The more jumps and bounces, the sooner we will reach Gold Fever mode, which will allow us to collect more coins and kill enemies for a few seconds

During the race we will see our opponent in transparency and will tell us if he is ahead or behind with arrows, and we will have to go as usual collecting coins and dodging or crushing the different enemies that come out. Also, the more jumps and rebounds soon reach the “Gold Rush” mode, which will allow us to collect more coins and kill enemies for a few seconds (go filling a blue progress bar with blue stars on each pirouette to activate this mode).

At the end of the race there is a review of the same for both contestants noting the corresponding Toads according to the show we have created and the pink coins. This adds up points, plus a way to each user plus according to the race, and when the scores are compared: the one with the most wins and the other takes Toads. The Toads count will appear next, as well as the enemies we have defeated, and if we have lost we will have option to revenge.

It is the multiplayer game since the opponents are other players who are at that time looking for racing rival. The Toads we accumulate, in addition to populate our destroyed kingdom, will serve us to unlock levels.

The mode of maintenance

As we discussed, it is to be adding elements to the Mushroom Kingdom, which we can buy with coins we obtained and placed in what is the main screen (the kingdom with the castle and the various interface elements, such as menu Or access to the game modes). From time to time, we will win a gift that we can redeem by going to the great gift that is fixed to the right of the castle (for example, if we decide to link the My Nintendo account).

The various elements are purchased in the Toad Store which is accessible from “My kingdom” (bottom right), which also leave us options to move or remove them. In the store we will have to choose ornaments (flowers, hills, etc.), buildings (pipes, sculptures, etc.) or special (rainbow, Luigi’s house, etc.), and in each one will be arranged the elements that we go Unlocking as we play.

The game here is not dynamic, unless we opt to buy the mini-games house and let’s take some game to them. Of course, the mini-games are very, very simplified games and we have to wait eight minutes of play activity (ie, no clock, if not starting) to play again. Other things we can do is use prizes we get punctually, such as the hammer to destroy the blocks with bad grape face that we have in the kingdom and take away room to build.

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