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Cosmetics such as make up usually have an expiry date and using them after this time can have risks to your health. This applies to the Benefit makeup brand and many others. If you are in need of make up or other cosmetics, why not consider visiting the website .Although they may appear innocuous, some beauty products contain ingredients that become less effective over time or even more potent, causing problems either way.

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Dangers of Old Cosmetics

Cosmetics often contain preservatives, and these may cease to work after the expiry date, creating an infection risk. According to the Daily Mail, some British women keep make-up as long as six years after its expiry date, risking infections and other problems.

Eye make-up can be particularly dangerous, and according to the University of Rochester Medical Center, every year cosmetics cause many women to suffer from eye infections, even causing temporary or permanent blindness.

Some ingredients of cosmetics can become stronger and cause skin irritation, and others can degenerate and cause rashes or other dermatological problems.

Shelf Life of Cosmetics

If you cannot see an expiry date on your cosmetic preparation, a general guide to shelf life is:

•        Mascara – one year
•        Eye shadow and eyeliner – one year
•        Powder and liquid foundation – two years
•        Body lotions and face creams – two to three years
•        Lip gloss, lipstick, and lip liner – two years
•        Hair products – two years
•        Nail lacquers, etc. – two to three years
•        Perfumes – two years

Shelf life can be a little longer if products are kept in ideal conditions. Nearly all cosmetics are sensitive to heat so should be stored in a cool place. The process of degeneration can be accelerated by heat, so this can reduce shelf life. Exposure to light is also a problem because it can affect vitamin A, vitamin C and oils, causing oxidative damage which will make ingredients inactive.

Weight loss can add to your confidence, especially after childbirth, but being left with stubborn areas of fat can spoil the effect.

So, for the new you, throw out your old cosmetics, take your oversized clothes to the charity shop and start again with a new look.

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