How To Decorate Easter Eggs

Decorate Easter Eggs

If you want to decorate Easter eggs, you must start by finishing the joint with a cream prepared with the chocolate left over from the processing of the eggs. Collect it in a bowl, melt it again in a water bath, add a couple of teaspoons of water and work it until a soft but rather consistent cream is obtained. Transfer it to a paper croissant on which you will have inserted a thin star nozzle. Place the egg on the mouth of a vase and let a thin cream cord descend from the croissant around the point of union of the two half shells. Let it rest until it is cured.

And now devote yourself to real decorations. If you have manual skills and imagination, you can create strips, curls, grids to be applied on chocolate eggs through a simple method that requires only an inverted copper pot and the bottom heated by a torch.

If you are curious and want to prepare imaginative decorations, after melting 500 g of dark chocolate with the method just described, you must spread it with a spatula on a strip cut from an acetate sheet, a particular material that you will easily find in specialized stores. To prevent the sheet from slipping, place it on a silicone cutting board. With the help of a comb spatula, rigatelo and recover the leftover in a bowl. Fold the sheet over itself when the chocolate is still hot and let it thicken. Peel the strips gently and proceed to apply the decoration on the eggs. Simply place the ends on the bottom of a copper pot or a simple non-stick pan and melt them;

You can also prepare eggs full of curls by simply pouring the tempered chocolate directly onto a marble work surface, spreading it with a spatula in a thin layer and scraping it after it has hardened. With the help of a scraper, curl it into small cigars according to the size of the egg and, with circular movements, give it a conical shape. Place a side part of the cigars on a hot plate and when it has melted, apply them on the eggs to create a nice alternation of curls.

You can also wrap and decorate Easter eggs in fun grids to be created with white chocolate to give an alternation of colors that also lends itself to different decorations such as those in sugar paste, colorful and delicious. To prepare the grill, build a small cone with parchment paper and fill it with tempered chocolate. Cut the tip of the cone so as to create an opening of 1-2 mm and pour the chocolate on the marble forming a grid. Let the chocolate thicken and the grill will be ready for any use you want.

But the ideas for decorating Easter eggs are truly endless. Simple and quick to make, you can draw an alternation of strips with melted white chocolate; for a medium-sized egg for which you used 500 g of chocolate, you have to calculate 100 g of white chocolate, melt it in a water bath, put it in a paper croissant and drop thin horizontal strips on the surface of the egg.

You can also fill the eggs with colored glazes, easy to prepare and use. Work 100 g of icing sugar with 2-3 teaspoons of water until a thick and sticky batter is obtained; divide it into two bowls and add a few drops of different food coloring to each. Pour the glazes into a paper croissant with a thin hole and garnish the egg. Complete the decoration with colored sprinkles: stick them to the icing and let it thicken. Goodness and beauty, a sublime combination for a perfect homemade pastry job.

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