How to build a great web development team

While business soars, you need to ensure that your online presence keeps up the pace. Although areas like customer service, sales and finance management are often at the forefront of any successful business, the importance of your website is right up there with them.

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Here are some tips on how to build a great web development team.

Find talent on professional and social networks

Before going through the hassle of creating job advertisements and carrying out interviews, why not, first of all, ask friends, family, colleagues, business connections or employees whether they know anyone matching your specification. Referrals are often far more likely to work out and are usually cheaper to hire.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with agencies in your area, like London SEO agency Elevate UK (, to find the resources you need to complement your existing web team structure.

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Be prepared to take time and be patient

Patience is key when building a team, especially with so many candidates coming together to achieve your goals, all with differing experiences and skills. While some may be able to get going at the drop of a hat, others may need time to learn the ropes, so give everyone the chance to improve.

Remember, change can’t happen overnight so you need to trust that your web development team will bond and begin to work together in harmony. Patience is not only a virtue when it comes to building a team, it also brings numerous benefits to your business –

Set out clear objectives for your web design

Web designers are usually able to get a feel for your business, however, if you are re-launching your design, it is important to explain the purpose of your business and identify your strategies. By telling them exactly what you want to gain from your ecommerce setup and web design, you can limit any ambiguity and be confident that the end result will have all of the essential features that you want for you and your customers.

Depending on the type of business you run, whether it be a service-oriented organisation or a product sales-driven company, you will need a stronger emphasis on certain aspects, which the team will establish while discussing the nature and culture of your business with you.

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