Easy Sushi Recipe

Sushi Recipe

Every time we like oriental flavors more and although not everything is sushi in the Japanese kitchen, without a doubt this elaboration is one of the ones that everybody likes the most. As it is a dish that is expensive if we order it outside the home and it is very important to consume it fresh, today we want to show you this easy sushi recipe, so you can do it whenever you want.

 Sushi Recipe
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I have prepared it in maki-roll format – small nori seaweed rolls filled with rice and the chosen ingredient – with salmon, avocado and cucumber, but you can use other fish, meats or any other ingredient, like when we made these fun melon makis with ham.


For 2 persons

  • Rice for Sushi 100 g
  • Nori seaweed
  • Fresh salmon 50 g
  • Avocado 1
  • Cucumber 1
  • Vinegar
  • Sugar
  • Salt

How to make an easy sushi recipe

Difficulty: Easy

  • Total time 35 m
  • Production 15 m
  • Cooking 20 m

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 Sushi Recipe
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We start preparing the rice. As we explained here, making rice for sushi is a simple process. Simply cook the rice (glutinous type or special for sushi) and then cool it with a fan after seasoning it with vinegar, sugar and salt.

It is convenient to have all the ingredients ready when preparing sushi, since they must be very fresh products and it is not advisable to waste time in their handling. Therefore, we will prepare a julienne of avocado and we will do the same with the cucumber to have it ready when we go to form the makis.

Regarding the fish to be used, in this case we cut the salmon choosing the area of the belly to give some cuts in strips. Here you can see perfectly how to do it. With everything ready, we cut the sheet of nori seaweed in two, put it on a mat or makisu lined with transparent kitchen film leaving the rough side up, and on it we spread the rice by pressing a little to adhere.

In the center of the rice, we place the fish strips, the cucumber and the avocado and optionally, a bit of wasabi, if we like the spicy touch of this seasoning. It is only necessary to roll the alga aided with the mat and form a cylinder. When it is time to serve it, cut it into 8 pieces, helped by a damp knife so that the rice does not stick.

What to accompany the easy sushi recipe?

This easy sushi recipe also has its rite at the time of tasting. You can use chopsticks although it is also correct to take each maki with your hands. It is lightly dipped in soy sauce – with or without a wasabi toast to taste – and it goes into the mouth where all the flavors are appreciated. As a side dish we put a wakame and sesame seaweed salad and a few slices of pickled ginger to “clean the mouth” between bites.

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