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Black Bullet Season 2: Will there be a new season?

Black Bullet Season 2

The action-anime “Black Bullet” runs here in the streaming service Netflix – but there is only one season. As no news has been heard for quite some time now, more and more fans are asking themselves how realistic Black Bullet Season 2 is at all. We looked around.

Unfortunately, with many anime series, the rule is that fans have to wait years for replenishment of their favorite series. This also applies to “Black Bullet”: The first season of the implementation of the light novel of the author Shiden Kanzaki started in 2014. Since then, it has become quite quiet around the series. Of course, there are still many fans who want to know if it will eventually go on.

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Black Bullet Season 2: How likely is a new season?

There are currently no specific announcements or news on a Black Bullet Season 2. Neither the producing studio Kinema Citrus nor the author of the light novel Shiden Kanzaki have expressed themselves in recent years to a sequel.

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Of course, it could be that there will be another season at some point, after all the anime was quite a success. The chances are not very good. For one thing, Kinema Citrus usually does not produce any other seasons. Since “Black Bullet” the studio has released five more series, but these were all completely new animes.

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On the other hand, Shiden Kanzaki himself was probably not completely satisfied with the anime-implementation of his Light Novel. On his Twitter account, he complained that the anime had caused him a lot of headaches. At times, he even stopped writing the Light Novel.

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How does the story of “Black Bullet” continue?

The chances of a second season of “Black Bullet” are therefore currently rather poor. However, the story is far from over. The first season of the anime processed the first four volumes of the Light Novel, but now (October 2018) there are three more books. So if you want to know how the story goes on, you can read on to the fifth volume of the series *. In Germany you get all volumes * at Tokyopop.

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Whether the material from the Light Novel is eventually implemented as an anime is unclear. It is conceivable in any case, but for the reasons mentioned above we think it unlikely. If there is any news, you will of course learn it at this point.

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