Airplane toilets: Things you should never do

Airplane toilets

Did you know that there is also an etiquette for using airplane toilets? Here are the airplane rules to know.

If you are used to traveling, you probably know it very well: it is impossible not to have to go to the toilet at least once, especially on board long-haul flights. But were you aware of the etiquette rules governing this simple and essential activity?

Well yes, even to go to the bathroom there are small rules to follow, which are useful for ourselves and to show respect for others. These are very simple indications, in most cases dictated by common sense. For example, remember to always wear shoes before entering the toilet: the floor can be wet, and it is not said that it is simply water. It may seem trivial advice, but it has very important aspects in terms of hygiene.

So let’s find out what other things you should never do when you go to the toilet on the plane. Do not leave dirty: nobody likes to go into a bathroom and find chaos, so do your best to leave everything in order. It only takes a few gestures to be sure that you have respect for the next user. Lower the tablet, throw the tissues in the appropriate basket and try not to spray water everywhere are the basic rules to ensure that the toilet always remains in order. And don’t forget to flush the toilet!

Choose the right times to go to the bathroom, so as to avoid creating confusion. During the boarding phases, you will be a hindrance for passengers who try to sit in their seats and place their luggage in the baggage racks, so it is much better to take a trip to the airport toilet. The same goes for mealtimes: the on-board assistants with the trolley will not be able to make room for you, so plan ahead.

Once you reach your coveted goal, don’t stay there for too long. Remember that you are not alone on the plane, and there are many other people who may need to use the toilet, so try to reduce the time to the minimum necessary. And don’t forget to lock the door : if someone opens it while you are using the bathroom, you will be in an embarrassing situation. Can you imagine what would happen if you found your neighbor in front of you? The rest of the flight may seem infinite, due to the embarrassment.

If you are waiting for your turn to go to the toilet, don’t be impatient. It is completely useless to spend time snorting and complaining, or even knocking persistently on the door. If yours is a real urgency, kindly ask to be able to pass, otherwise wait your turn calmly. In fact, take a look around and take advantage of it to do a good deed: if you find an elderly person or a mother with her baby, let them move on.

Finally, remember that on board you can never smoke, even in the bathroom. The ban also applies to electronic cigarettes, so you will have to resist temptation for the duration of the flight. If you are caught smoking, perhaps even tampering with the smoke detectors, you can face serious penalties.

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