3 Tips to Create a Unique Party

Whether you are celebrating your birthday, Mardi Gras, or a new job, every day has party potential. However, traditional party themes can be boring and worn out. Here are three easy, fun, and interesting takes on traditional party themes.

Roaring 20s

A common, overplayed party theme is the 1920s. Usually, this theme means black and silver, champagne, and flapper dresses. However, to amp up this party into the 2020s, consider adding more frivolous decorations. Feathers and furs were all the rage in the 1920s, but they are rarely used in party decorations. You can buy ostrich feathers wholesale and use them in centerpieces, on chandeliers, or as table decorations. Silver jewel strands strung about the ceiling or walls can also add more elegance and interest to a 20’s themed party.

Under the Sea

If you love the ocean, a mermaid or under the sea party is perfect. However, this theme is very common. With green streamers as seaweed and shells on the tables, this theme can quickly become tacky. To make this a true party under the sea, use bubble machines and rent a ceiling projector with a water light. This will really transport your guests under the water. Then, use netting as decoration and around lighting fixtures to give off interesting shadows.

Casino Royale

A Las Vegas or Monte Carlo casino theme can be fun if it’s done right. First, you need to pick out an exact color scheme and stick to it. Black and white or black and gold are popular choices, but this is your chance to be unique. If you want an opulent night, add glitter to whatever color you use. Glitter makes everything sparkle under the lights and in pictures. Next, you need to make sure the lighting is low, but bright over each game table. Finally, signature cocktails will make your casino night unique and memorable.

A themed party doesn’t have to be drab. By adding in selfie moments and unique decorative items, you can make any party memorable.

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