Using WhatsApp for business as a tool for communication

Using WhatsApp for business

Using WhatsApp for business as a tool for business communication is the evolution of the most used instant messaging system in the world to a profitable business model. If at any time the application contemplated a subscription model for users in general as a way to obtain income, now WhatsApp bases its strategy on companies of all sizes to which it will charge for some of its functionalities, developed to facilitate communication with its customers.

The WhatsApp Business application began to be offered free of charge in January of this year to small and medium-sized companies, and to professionals with business activity, but from August it was opened to medium and large companies in several countries, including the United States and Mexico.

Using WhatsApp for business

Functions and restrictions

This app, initially available for Android systems, allows a company to open a commercial profile to provide information about its commercial activity and contact data to customers as well as respond quickly and timely to their questions.

Using WhatsApp for business also provides analytical tools that allow businesses to measure results and extract useful information about customer interactions and record and reuse messages that serve as an immediate response to frequently asked questions.

On the other hand, users are still in control of the type of messages they receive and can block the numbers of companies that are not of interest or report to those that they consider being spammers.

To discourage the sending of spam messages, the service only allows companies to contact users to offer them information relevant to the commercial relationship they have with them, such as sharing a purchase confirmation code or a parcel guide number.

Using WhatsApp for business

Favorable results for using WhatsApp for business

The first results of using WhatsApp for business were not long in coming. For 82% of SMEs, it is an efficient communication channel with its customers and for 65% the reason that its businesses are growing.

Now that the application is open to companies of all sizes, WhatsApp explained that many of the functions will remain free, but some will have a cost that will be generated only after confirming that the message has been delivered to the user and, in the case of large companies, a fixed fee will be charged.

Using WhatsApp for business

Using WhatsApp Business in your company can be the solution to your need to establish a channel of direct and immediate communication with your customers, in order to increase their satisfaction and boost their loyalty.

Remember that the satisfaction of your customers depends on the profitability of your business.

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