What to do when disaster strikes?

Having a fire at home or at work can be incredibly frightening and is something that all people want to avoid where possible. One of the best ways to ensure that your employees are aware of what to do in a fire it is important to make sure that you complete a Fire risk assessment this will identify any particular high-risk areas and will help to inform your fire policy. There are Gloucestershire Fire Risk Assessment companies can that give you advice on completing these and putting policies and procedures into place. As well as completing the risk assessment you should carry out regular ire rills and have your fire extinguishers regularly inspected and train some of your staff to act as fire wardens.

If you find yourself in the situation where a fire has started somewhere within your works premise you should always follow your companies fire procedure but there are some general steps that everyone should take in order to help protect the individuals, you work with.

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If you discover the fire you should make sure that you immediately raise the alarm by breaking an appropriate glass point. The size of the fire does not make a difference to this process as the flames and heat from any fire can quickly become out of control and spread throughout a building. Time is incredibly important for people to be able to safely escape a building and get themselves a safe distance away from the location of the fire. As well as raising the alarm the fire brigade should also be contacted, regardless of whether your alarm immediately alerts the call centre. The Fire Warden will ensure that everyone is heading towards the exits and if the fire is a small one and they have had fire extinguisher training they may decide to try and extinguish this themselves. Fire wardens are also responsible for ensuring that their designated areas are always free from any clutter that could cause issues with people leaving the building and also that everyone that they are responsible for has left the building.

Evacuating the building should be a swift and calm process with people leaving as quickly as possible by their nearest exit without collecting any of their personal items. Any lifts in the building should not be used in the event of a fire and there should be procedures in place to help evacuate anyone with limited mobility. When leaving a building during a real fire you should ensure that you always check the temperature of any doors that you walk through with the back of hand to ensure that you are not walking directly towards the fires origin and if you are the last person to leave a room you should ensure that you close any doors behind you to try and slow down the spread of the fire.

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After evacuating the building everyone should head towards the pre-planned assembly point so that fire wardens and other key members of staff can make sure that everyone has left the building and can inform the fire brigade of anyone who may be trapped inside.

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