Ways To Make Moving Easier And Less Stressful

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Very few people live in one home for the entirety of their lives. Rather, the average United States citizen moves between 11 and 12 times in a lifetime, according to a FiveThirtyEight calculation that sourced base data from the United States Census Bureau. Even though so many of us move so, so often, we often fail to learn from the mistakes we made in our past moving experiences. To make it easier on your upcoming move, here are a few tips and tricks you should follow – you’ll thank yourself later.

Do You Want To Find Your Future Self Without Internet, Television, Gas, Electricity, And Other On-Tap Commodities?

As citizens of one of the most developed nations on planet Earth, we have become accustomed to things like having nonstop access to the World Wide Web, television broadcasts, heating, air conditioning, and artificial lighting. Imagine moving in to your new place of residence only to find out that there was no cable, satellite, Internet, or electricity activated at the house or apartment yet. That would be objectively terrible! The best way to prevent this from happening is to contact all the providers of these commodities and have them set up the day you arrive.

Label Boxes On Multiple Sides

The most efficient and effective way to label boxes by room, item content, order, and other qualifiers is to use different colors of duct tape to tape two corners on each box. These corners must be opposite one another on all planes. For example, the corner on the top-left-front side of each box should be wrapped liberally with one color of duct tape. The same color duct tape should be used on the bottom-right-back side of each box. This makes it so you can always see what each box is for.

Don’t Spend Money On Boxes

Go to grocery stores, supermarkets, and other retail locations in your local area once every few days in the month before your move date. Save all clean, properly-sized boxes that you find at those locations to avoid having to buy boxes

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