Understanding Everything about Kratom

Also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, Kratom is a tree that’s native to Southeast Asia, which includes the Malaysian Floristic Region, Thailand, Indonesia and several other surrounding areas. Typically, the leaves of this tree are ground up and orally ingested and can be used for a number of medicinal purposes. Some of these include, but are not restricted to, mood enhancement, decreased anxiety, pain relief, decreased fatigue and hypertension, relief of irritable bowel syndrome, increased energy and focus and many more. The tree is indigenous in the regions mentioned above and people here have used its leaves for centuries for sedation in higher doses, increased energy in low doses, pain relief and dysentery.

The opioid receptors in the brain are affected by Kratom in the same way as an opiate, but it is not classified as one. However, this feature allows the tree to be used for the treatment of those who suffer from chronic pain. It has also come in handy for managing opium withdrawal. This is one of the major reasons why the use of this plant has become widespread. It also has a world of other benefits for your physical and mental health ranging from reduced blood pressure and blood sugar levels to enhanced motivation and communication.

Today, you can find Kratom in different forms. Previously, people used to chew its leaves directly, but they have a really bitter taste and this was not something everyone could do. Therefore, different Kratom products were developed and now you have plenty of choices at your disposal. Some of the common forms of the plant are listed as follows:

  • Kratom Powder

As opposed to crushed leaves, Kratom powder is much stronger because the veins and stems of the leaf are removed in this case. Thus, the part of the leave that has the largest amount of active alkaloids is left for formulating the powder. It is one of the strongest form of the plant and can be mixed with coffee, juice or other similar liquids. This powder can also be used in capsules.

  • Kratom Tea

Crushed leaf Kratom is used for making tea and you can choose the leaf yourself. Honey can be added to hide the unpleasant taste of the plant. Don’t boil the tea too much or else it will not be effective.

  • Kratom Extracts

An extraction process is used for making Kratom extracts and water, citrus or alcohol is used for this purpose. The Kratom powder or leaf is extracted in liquid form and then dried. It is grinded into a paste or powder and is found in different strengths. The extract contain Kratom’s active alkaloids in concentrated form.

  • Kratom Fusions

These fusions come in capsule and powder form and comprise of different blends of enhanced Kratom strains or Kratom extract combined together. These fusions are of a very high strength due to which you need to be cautious when taking them.

The effects of Kratom products typically last for three to four hours and become evident within 15 minutes of taking it.

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