The advantages of modular office design

It is well known that the environment in which we work can have a big impact on our levels of performance. It is therefore essential that the design of the workplace is considered carefully.

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Modular office design incorporates various items such as tables, seating or partition walls that work well together and can easily be adapted to suit changing requirements.


One of the key advantages to modular office design is the ease in which the individual items can be adapted to create a new office set up as and when required. Having this level of flexibility can allow a business to expand or change with the times quickly and efficiently.


It can be extremely costly for a business to have a total office refurbishment not to mention the amount of time it takes to complete the transformation. The impact of a decrease in productivity levels caused by the disruption of the refurbishment could have severe consequences for a business. With modular office design, it is easier and more cost effective to change the layout of the office as it is not necessary to source and replace the key components. Examples of such layouts can be seen on the websites of office fit out companies such as Mobius at Work.

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Collaborative workspace

As employees are able to enjoy the free movement that modular office design provides, this encourages greater interaction between colleagues, thus enabling them to co-work openly and effectively. This will have a positive impact on their levels of creativity and productivity. The ability to co-work efficiently will also lead to a more relaxed and contented workplace. Given the growing awareness of the importance of mental health, it would be prudent for all businesses to consider how they can help to create an atmosphere in which their workers can flourish.


Where there is flexibility, there is a greater ability to adapt to cater for individual needs. With less rigidity, it is much easier to allow for different ways of working or different postures with the use of ergonomics. According to the Spine Research Institute, ergonomics improve productivity and employee satisfaction.

Given the constant changes and challenges that businesses face in the current climate, the modern, effective solution that modular design brings to the table could be the difference between thriving and surviving.

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