The main technological platforms and their trends

technological platforms

The globalized world has provided rapid technological platforms and increased complexity in operations. In order to survive and guarantee cost, time and supply efficiency. The business sector has joined research centers, originating technological advancement. They are formed by multidisciplinary teams of researchers with the mission to elaborate projects, products and services for the associated companies. Thus, the idea is to present solutions to common or complementary needs, observed in companies or business groups.

These technology platforms encompass the most diverse sectors – from services to aerospace, for example – that are built on a planned basis, capable of delivering a variety of end-user offerings or allowing interaction between different markets. This partnership between research centers and enterprises allows production to be varied, developed solutions faster and cheaper, and provide means to reduce the complexity of the final product.

Inovaparq, for example, focuses on seven technological platforms, defined from the partner universities and the fields of activity of the companies in the region. For you to better understand how they work and what the trends of those platforms are, we gather important information about them. Check out!

technological platforms

The current technological platforms


Considered the future of the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology can be defined as the use of living organisms for the production of goods and services. The labor market is very broad, with health being one of the main subareas and where high investments are destined. The focus is on drug production and clinical research. In addition, many startups are also specializing in animal and plant health products targeting agribusiness.

With the latest advances in medicine, it has been possible to identify molecular processes that cause disease and, thus, treatments are being developed in a “personalized” way, considering the genetics and phenotype of each person.


Constantly associated with a creative process, it is important to emphasize that the design does not only correspond to aesthetics. It also involves assigning a value to the product. In other words, it means giving a function to what is offered. Therefore, the area involves studies and is defined as a process and a methodology. If before this notion was not so clear for many, today this reality is changing, so that professionals are being valued more.

One of the main trends corresponds to activities done manually. The proposal is related to the do it yourself philosophy and uses what is produced in the craft mold as the basis for the pilot of a project. In other words, craft production is thought of in a way that can be applied in serial reproduction.

Another important aspect of the design is the requirement for a certain skill with programming. The programme design to gaining more and more space with the growth of functions such as front-end designer, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designer.

technological platforms


This is one of the best technological platforms based on chemistry and aspects of the biological, medical and pharmaceutical sciences. Its purpose is to plan, discover, invent, identify and prepare the biologically active compounds. It is added to this the study of the metabolism, the interpretation of the mechanism of action at the molecular level and the construction of the relations between the chemical structure and the pharmacological activity. Thus, it involves several factors that are responsible for the therapeutic response of a substance.

The development of medication related to aging is a highlight in the area of chemistry-pharmaceuticals, since the Brazilian population is aging so that the number of adults and the elderly is getting bigger than that of children and young people. In this way, public managers have encouraged health promotion programs, with the aim of increasing population longevity and guaranteeing a better quality of life. It is therefore expected that the demand for welfare-related medication will increase.


The world production ecosystem is undergoing major transformations and globalizing the production chain. Proof of this is the development of manufacturing and innovation capabilities in emerging countries, resulting in the development of increasingly complex products. Innovation in this sense is indispensable for competitiveness, as it enables the production of high-quality materials for the sector.

The prediction of the scarcity of natural resources is a motivating factor to create environmentally sustainable materials and processes, causing science to advance more and more in the search for alternatives. Two examples of innovative materials are the natural fiber eco tiles, whose composition leaves the product more resilient and improves the thermal sensation of the places where they are installed, and the production of car materials from CO2 captured at Ford plants in the United States.

Another bet of the technological platforms is the massive investment in information technology (IT) in business processes. The reason is simple: agility and productivity are key to their growth. Hence the importance of having softwares that works at the various logistic levels, ranging from the transport of raw materials to the distribution of ready goods.

technological platforms


The environmental issue is one of the main concerns today and companies are aware of this fact, to the point of becoming one of the technology platforms. It is for this reason that sustainable technologies with environmental solutions are being developed to guarantee the preservation and the harmonious conviviality with the ecosystem, representing a promising market. For example, clean energy is one of the major technological platforms with solutions for wind and solar farms production as well as energy storage.

Segments that use less investment and require little research time, such as green cleaning, consulting and recycling, also have a good chance of growing.

Food & Beverage Outlets

This is an area of metallurgy that consists of the transformation of metals into products. For this, the properties of the materials, the resistance phenomena and the plastic deformation processes, such as rolling, extrusion and drawing are studied. Aluminum has been important in this work, being considered strategic according to the main industrial regions of the world. The reason is that it ensures dynamism for important economic and geopolitical sectors, such as the aerospace, transportation, infrastructure and energy industries.

Competitiveness in the metal-mechanical sector involves the creation of an environment that instigates innovation, inserts itself into the product chains – mining, manufacturing and end consumers – and is based on a circular economy. That means the process must be thinking more from the acquisition of products to disposal and reuse.

technological platforms

Information and Communication Technology

The technical processes used in the treatment of information and in the aid of communication are classified as Information and Communication Technology (ICT), which is one of the technological platforms. This area includes both the hardware part of computers, networks and mobile phones, for example, as well as the necessary software. We are talking, then, of all technology that interferes and mediates the informational and communicative processes of beings. Also included here are the automation and communication of business processes, scientific research and teaching and learning, for example.

In this context, cybersecurity has been highlighted, aiming to build and strengthen Internet protection for companies and public bodies. The idea is to develop technological platforms that will blind the enterprise against any hacking attack or if it does, minimize the damage. The internet of things is another important theme, embodied in connected devices, ultra-efficient businesses, houses of the future and smart cars, for example. The trend is to see these devices increasingly democratized.

The creation of tools for the digitization of processes and the management of documents to reduce time and expenses in the internal activities of companies is also in vogue in ICT. This will impact directly on expenses, reducing the expenses that involve the accomplishment of the activities. Thus, works aimed at creating tools for this purpose are being highly valued.


Technological platforms are the key to promoting the development of different areas based on innovation. Thanks to the partnership between companies, industries and universities.  With the collaboration of them, it is possible to find new and effective solutions that meet demand and optimize corporate and social processes.

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