Taking some of the stress out of teeth cleaning

Bed time can be a difficult time for any parent especially when it comes to getting your child to clean their teeth properly. There can often be tears and tempers when young children are presented with a toothbrush and asked to clean their teeth before jumping in to bed. Another time when anxiety can arise from teeth is when their adult teeth arrive, and they are perhaps not as well placed as the baby teeth. There are many ways that this can be corrected for children and also for adults. A Cosmetic Dentistry Leicester company such as St Johns Road Dental Practice can give you all the advice that you need.

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If you have children that become upset and anxious at the thought of cleaning their teeth there are a number of simple things you can do to try and alleviate some of this.

When children are very young it is worth giving them a baby toothbrush to play with as they will naturally place this in their mouth whilst they are exploring the object. This will help them to become used to the sensation of the brush in their mouth. As they grow it is worth allowing them to pick their own toothbrush, whether this turns out to be a bright pink one or perhaps one with superheroes on it, if your child picks their own brush, they are more likely to use it. If it is the flavour of the toothpaste that is putting your child off, you can by milder mint flavours and also a variety of other flavours including strawberry that might make it more appealing to brush their teeth.

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One of the simplest ways to try and encourage good oral hygiene practices with your children is to brush your teeth at the same time as them. This way they see that it is something that their parents do as well rather than just something they have to do as a child. Making this as fun a process as possible is important and you may want to see who can make their mouth the frothiest, or perhaps pull funny faces whilst you brush or even pop on some music and make up your own teeth cleaning dance.

If your child has a favourite toy it is worth encouraging them to brush their dolls and teddy bears teeth as well. Make it as much fun as possible and you will have your child wanting to clean their teeth in no time at all.

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