Usability and User experience

Do you know the difference between usability and user experience?

Usability and user experience are two terms of those who have heard referring to the online navigation. But do you know its definition and the main differences between these concepts?

The official definition of usability that provides the international standard refers to the capacity of the software product to be understood, learned, used and appeals to the user, when used under certain conditions. Moreover, the standard defines the user experience as the result of perceptions and responses of a person by use and anticipated use of a product, system or service.

Explained more colloquially, the usability of a web or platform is measured by how easy and intuitive it is to handle, while the user experience spans more factors and goes a step further, referring to the user satisfaction before, during and after browsing a website.

If your users are able to easily navigate your site, your site has a good index of usability as it meets its functional purpose. Furthermore, if the experience is pleasant, comfortable and positive, we can talk about a positive user experience, supported by the web design and menu navigation. Continue reading “Do you know the difference between usability and user experience?”