Why time seems to pass faster when we get older?

When we were little seemed that summer vacation would last forever and that the waiting time between one Christmas and the following was eternal, Does anyone know why when we get older time flies and weeks, months and seasons disappear calendar at a breakneck pace?

The pace of life typical of adults, full of responsibilities and concerns, distorts our sense of time. According to some research, it is because older people feel that time passes faster, making hasty lives we take full stress.

Theories about the perception of time

There are several theories to explain why our perception of time is accelerating, as we get older and an idea is the gradual alteration of our biological clocks internal: the slowing of our metabolism as we get older is synchronized with the slowdown of our heart rate and our breath. The heart beats stronger child, hence the number of heartbeats and breaths is greater, making it appear that more time has passed. Continue reading “Why time seems to pass faster when we get older?”