Tips on time management for career women

Lack of time, stress, hectic, inability to pull the plug: Sometimes the work seems to fully absorb our days, giving the impression of not having accomplished nothing of what we should have.

It is a common condition that often arises from the lack of organization, or by a capacity of the time incomplete or rough handling.

However, with regard to women’s careers in the grounds and can be further connected to an unequal division of leisure and work, still strongly linked to the traditional concept of gender and roles (especially as regards the family level).

For a single woman’s speech on time management it is essentially linked to the need to emerge and overcome prejudice or distorted visions, coming to the point of exhausting all energy and no longer be able to achieve its goals; for a married woman, maybe with children, everything we add the burdens of family life that often eats exclusively on her shoulders. In both cases, stress, anxiety and quickly pile up, giving only result of losing a lot of time, never recharge and thereby making below it means. Continue reading “Tips on time management for career women”