A summer around the pool, everything you need to build your paradise

You have the pool, but if you want to create a paradise in your exterior, there are still some elements that you can include. From furniture to lighting, everything is important when configuring a good place for summer break. Here are some ideas, with which to prepare your pool for the best summers.

Areas to eat and relax

Besides giving you swims in the water, the pool area can be a great place to put outdoor furniture to eat. Breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner outdoor furniture made of different materials and styles. An interesting option is the sets of wicker or synthetic rattan that endure well outdoors, and can be complemented by striking textiles.

Wicker, natural or synthetic, is one of the most used, perhaps for that tropical touch featuring exterior materials, but others also give good results. From the lightweight aluminum through the wood or even wrought iron. Moreover, you can also find packages that mix several at once. Continue reading “A summer around the pool, everything you need to build your paradise”

Decorating your table

Six great ideas for decorating your table in summer

Summer brings color, freshness, joy, relax … and there is almost nothing better than enjoying the summer with a good meal with friends. There are many plans that can rotate around a table: outdoor dining, one relaxed lunch, tea beside the pool … to give a fun twist to these moments bet decorate the table in a different way, summery and simple details, but effective. Continue reading “Six great ideas for decorating your table in summer”