Those who do not want relationships

Some people say they do not want to have sex and it is absolutely true, what they want is to have everything that makes them live the illusion of having a partner but without really having it. They believe the pain of a breakup is in proportion to the degree of their relationship and why they have “no-boyfriends”, “friends with benefits”, “good friends”, “special people” or “it’s complicated” (this is the one I love, I childbirth every time I hear). But they do not want to have sex.

They want everything good that gives you a relationship without going through any of its other stages. Continually looking to connect with someone as if they were a wireless network, without going over is not going to be to become a real relationship and have to do something. They want to have a person beside awakening, they want someone who is there when needed, but without being trapped in a relationship (For some reason when they are in a relationship prisoners feel). Continue reading “Those who do not want relationships”

Distance relationships are difficult, but worth it!

Whether for work or studies more and more people who experience a long-distance relationship. The world is globalized and this is inevitable. If you’re sick of hearing it will not work and it is better that you leave it, read on to discover why distance relationships are difficult, but worth it. Continue reading “Distance relationships are difficult, but worth it!”