Keys to achieve better portraits by taking advantage of natural light

It is very common to consider that to get good photographs is necessary to have a great team, and although it is true that this helps, in general it is not necessary to have many means to obtain good results. This is the case for example of the portraits, a field in which modest means and knowing use of natural light is more than enough.

In fact natural light provides more natural results and even helps our relationship with the portrayed more fluid. Especially in the case that we want to portray someone who is not a professional model and who will surely feel much less intimidated than if he is surrounded by a flash gun. As if that were not enough, natural light is much cheaper and prevents us from having to deal with, or load, with complicated gadgets artificial lighting.

So let’s leave aside the idea of the portrait photographer in a studio with a team of flashes, umbrellas and light boxes and venture to use natural light taking advantage of all their possibilities, which are many. Therefore, in the following article we will tell you how to take advantage of natural light to make good portraits. Continue reading “Keys to achieve better portraits by taking advantage of natural light”