How much have to eat

How much have to eat to be an Olympic athlete? How many Big Mac or Donuts could eat?

Within a few days they will begin the expected Olympic Games Rio 2016, one of the most controversial generated as has been approaching the start date;the state, not as good as expected, the Olympic Village, the Zika virus or possible expulsion of Russian athletes due to cases of massive doping, are some of the news that has accompanied us during these previous days to the ceremony opening.

Our athletes are already en route from Rio de Janeiro, a city that hosts the Games this year, where after months preparing mentally will be measured with the best athletes from around the world. A burst of adrenaline and energy that will lead them to give the best of themselves: what do they eat to cope with this time of great tension and emotion?

Tell me what sport you practice and tell you how much you have to eat

And, obviously, it does not have the same physical wear a marathon an athlete archery. We could divide sports into different groups to learn about how many calories you need each of the athletes, but this will always depend, in addition to your sport, other factors: age, sex, height, weight, muscle mass, fat mass …

Dr. Nanna Meyer, a nutritionist at the Olympic Committee and professor of nutrition at the University of Colorado, made an estimate of the calories needed for each type of athlete ahead of the Olympic Games in London. The results are surprising because many Olympians do not eat many more calories than you can take a clerk in his day. Continue reading “How much have to eat to be an Olympic athlete? How many Big Mac or Donuts could eat?”