Photographing in low light

Photographing in low light: Keys to keep in mind

As you know, photography is the art of writing with light, so making pictures with poor lighting would be something like doing with the minimum elements that can be used. The fact is that taking pictures in poor lighting conditions is a practice that all must carry out at some point in our learning because it is a challenge to our knowledge and a challenge to creativity.

Whether a sunset and / or sunrise, a night landscape or a scene in a dimly lit interior, this type of situation requires us to be familiar with the basics of photographic technique to know how to apply correctly and obtain correct images without jitter and the necessary sharpness.

In this article we will talk about what the are keys to achieving such photographs broadly, showing how to act when we are in situations where there is very little light and we want to take a picture. However, what will list may be perfectly transferable to other outlets such as images in low key or long exposure photography, areas where normally we also find low light and we have to apply similar resources. Continue reading “Photographing in low light: Keys to keep in mind”