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11 jobs you will love if you dream of traveling all the time

Almost all of us love to travel. Planning a vacation, pack a bag and go to a desirable destination. But there are some people for whom traveling is more. A dream, a lifestyle, a daily necessity: to carry a backpack and travel the world. For those who feel identified with the definition and dream of making your life from one place to another, we have selected 11 professions that can come true. Continue reading “11 jobs you will love if you dream of traveling all the time”

Do your peers earn more than you?

As a rule in business is saved the confidentiality regarding the remuneration of employees and collaborators.

However, sometimes the system fails or simply talks between companions the issue arises and rewards are known about and others.

If this is the case you get to know the rest of emoluments and discover that your colleagues are higher than yours, then, remunerations how would you act? Continue reading “Do your peers earn more than you?”