Read Faster

How to read faster and understanding what you read

Autumn is the time of the return to routine, to classes if we are still students no longer read for pleasure, but by obligation. And there, sometimes we would be like the robot ‘Short’ and read us three books in five minutes, but our brain does not work that way. Although he can be trained to read faster and to understand what they read, which is the great crux of the matter. Because reading very fast and not learn anything, in the end, it is as if we knew not read.

It is considered that the average read speed is between 200 and 300 words per minute, but for each individual may be different. Not only will depend on how accustomed we are to read, whether we do it in our mother tongue or another, whether the vocabulary used is familiar or unknown, whether around us there are external factors that distract us … also depend what our eyes are trained to read. Continue reading “How to read faster and understanding what you read”