Useful tips for travelers who suffer from anxiety when traveling

Many of us have noticed anxiety before, during and after a trip or a flight. Mild levels of anxiety related to travel are very common. We are all a bit nervous before traveling or going out. The problem comes when these levels are too high. Here are a few tips for managing anxiety …

What is anxiety about traveling?

Travel-related anxiety is the worry, nervousness or fear you feel in the context of travel. Travel takes us out of our comfort zone, and it is not uncommon to feel any degree of tension or worry. Feelings of travel anxiety are somewhat punctual; they must be differentiated from the more chronic and habitual anxiety disorders. Continue reading “Useful tips for travelers who suffer from anxiety when traveling”


Anxiety on the first date? Science can help

Is the anxiety you make it difficult when connecting with people you would like to spend more time? You may end up meeting someone but you are worried that your nerves they throw it all away. People with anxiety may be too hard on themselves, they tend to think that something bad will happen and usually feel judged for the rest.

Sometimes the mere thought of a social situation can cause panic attacks: surges of intense anxiety lasting a few minutes and make you feel as if you were to give a heart attack, could lose control or go crazy. In some social situations, those suffering from anxiety may feel short of breath and dizzy, sweating, flushing, tremors and stomach discomfort. There are many people with anxiety. In fact, one of every 14 people in the world suffers some anxiety attack at any time, women and teenagers being the most affected. However, it is possible to overcome anxiety and have a good quote and this is what scientists say about it. Continue reading “Anxiety on the first date? Science can help”