Side effects of kratom

We hope you were read previous articles on this site about kratom. On these articles we focused about the good sides of kratom. Kratom products are really cab be something magical in our daily life. Using kratom products can help to live a painful and energetic life.  We can say that without any doubt that kratom is really good for us. But like other opium products kratom can be used in a harmful way. Anybody easily can misuse kratom products. People use it as a harmful drug or they can overuse it. There is a safety limit to using kratom products. Taking 10-50 μg/L of kratom in our daily life can be helpful to make our life easier. But if you take a higher dose of kratom products it can be devastating for you. Now we will see the side effect of kratom if we don’t use it properly.

Nerve system damages

We already know that the alkaloid of kratom work with our nerve system. That’s why kratom can relief any pain from our body like morphine. But using 100 μg/L of kratom continuously can make us sick. The overdose of kratom can damages our body cells and nerve system easily. To getting the best result, we should try to use kratom products in a small amount.

Vomiting or sweating

Overdose of kratom products can be the reason of vomiting and sweating. The overdose can harm our metabolism system and it may the reason of a long time vomiting problem. We should keep the limit in 10-50 μg/L in our daily life.

More than that

It is pretty clear that misuse of kratom can be cause of a good harm to our body. But some people are recently getting so much addicted on it. We want say something to those people. Taking a dose of 300 μg/L can be the life or death matter for the user. Victim can be dead or paralyzed if anyone used this amount of kratom leaf or products at a time. Learn more about kratom effects here


It is true that everything has a good and a bad side. We should make sure of the safe use of kratom. Use kratom products in a short and safe amount and live a painful refresh life. In our websites you will get some amazing kratom products. You can order it easily and use it manually in a very reasonable price. Make sure that none of your family member isn’t misuse it. Always taking doctors advice before using any drug and opium product.

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