Rightmove survey reveals the happiest places to live

Each year property site Rightmove prepares a Happy at Home Index based on a survey of UK residents. 2018’s survey asked more than 21,000 people across 219 areas about how happy they are where they live. The survey also asked participants to rank happiness factors such as community spirit, how safe they feel, the friendliness of the neighbours, and the quality of the local amenities, the cultural activities and the nearby green spaces.

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The results of the 2018 survey found that Leigh-on-Sea in Essex is the happiest place in the UK to live. The seaside resort also won the title in 2016 but dropped to second place in 2017. 2017 winner Leamington Spa finished in fifth place in 2018.

The full top ten for the 2018 Happy at Home Index is as follows:

– Leigh-on-Sea, East of England.
– Farnham, South East England.
– Monmouth, Wales.
– Christchurch, South West England.
– Leamington Spa, West Midlands.
– Newbury, South East England.
– Macclesfield, North West England.
– Hitchin, East of England.
– Tunbridge Wells, South East England.
– Kendal, North West England.

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If you are looking to move to one of these areas, you may need to do some saving. The appeal of living in Leigh-on-Sea is reflected in the house prices, with an average home costing £386,613. This is £82,552 more than the national average price of £304,061.

The happiest place to live in Wales is Monmouth, which came third overall. The happiest place to live in Scotland is Edinburgh, although it only reached 41st place overall.

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Rightmove’s research manager said that the biggest influence on how happy people are in a location and how they feel about living there is the people. The strength of the community spirit and a feeling of belonging seem to be more important to people’s feelings of happiness than the services available in the area.

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