Origami lamps that fall in love as much as sunny days in winter

Origami lamps

Perhaps some of you may know no signature Anaquiños Paper (Small pieces of paper, in Galician). It is a brand created by Beatriz coruñesa, architect, and Cristina, a lawyer, two loving sisters and interior design one day about four years ago; they decided to apply origami elements in creating decorative.

With the design philosophy of responsible and sustainable manner, using materials and respectful environment papers, accessories and decorative details released now “Northern Lights” his first collection of paper lanterns inspired by the natural light of Galicia.

Origami lamps
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Legend says that in Galicia autumn and winters are often long and humid, although I have to say that this year we had a fabulous autumn and full of sun. But it is true that the Galicians value much natural light , because we know that at any moment can hide behind the clouds for several days.

Luscofusco, Amencer, Solpor, Luzada … they are some of the words used to describe Galician different moments of sunlight throughout the day and are also the names of the models that are part of this collection, As you can see in the photos of the article is: simple, clean and modern.

Origami lamps
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Specifically the Solpor screen in the picture above, refers to the time in which the sun sets or hide this fact on the horizon. Luscofusco is the time of day, between day and night, in which the light disappears almost completely and things are perceived as shadows.

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The screen will be, in the photo on these lines, refers to the part of the day that goes from the time the sun sets until it becomes night. And the Amencer screen corresponds to the moment when the sun rises.

Origami lamps
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The lamps in the collection are available in various colors: white, pink, blue … and all papers are manufactured with high – quality, high-cotton combined with high mechanical strength. No acid, no optical brighteners and anti-mold treatment. Complying with the ISO 9706 standard that guarantees its resistance to the passage of time, a guarantee of durability and conservation.

Moreover lamps include protection element to prevent direct contact between bulb and paper screen and a card with recommendations for use and maintenance. As for maintenance it is enough to clean the screen with a duster or a dry cloth, do not use cleaning liquids or srays on the surface, not even water.

What model would you ask the Magi if you had not yet written the letter?

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