impressive islands in Honduras

The five most impressive islands in Honduras

Honduras is not a very popular vacation destination, but it certainly has a lot to offer its travelers. Honduras has an incomparable natural beauty, paradisiac beaches, virgin nature, archaeological remains … One of its greatest attractions are its islands, and we have chosen the five most impressive islands of the country, do not miss it! Continue reading “The five most impressive islands in Honduras”

gracious destinations

The six most gracious destinations in the world

Kindness is a factor that is not usually taken into account when traveling, but it is a really important element for all those travelers who want to feel at ease during their vacations. There are destinations that are the homes of kind, friendly and hospitable people, always ready to help their visitors. Here are the most friendly destinations in the world. Continue reading “The six most gracious destinations in the world”


Useful tips for travelers who suffer from anxiety when traveling

Many of us have noticed anxiety before, during and after a trip or a flight. Mild levels of anxiety related to travel are very common. We are all a bit nervous before traveling or going out. The problem comes when these levels are too high. Here are a few tips for managing anxiety …

What is anxiety about traveling?

Travel-related anxiety is the worry, nervousness or fear you feel in the context of travel. Travel takes us out of our comfort zone, and it is not uncommon to feel any degree of tension or worry. Feelings of travel anxiety are somewhat punctual; they must be differentiated from the more chronic and habitual anxiety disorders. Continue reading “Useful tips for travelers who suffer from anxiety when traveling”


The most sociable and festive cities in the world

When traveling to all we like to go to sociable and festive cities, where we treat ourselves well and have a little party. Hostelworld has conducted a study called “Sociable Cities”, a comparative analysis of social life in different cities around the world. The results are quite surprising.

The study of Hostelworld is the first comparative study of social life in different cities around the world, analyzed the social behavior and attitudes of 12188 residents of 39 major cities in 28 countries. The study examines ten categories of sociability. Young travelers seek destinations that offer them a social and cultural experience.

The results of the study are quite striking. In the first place we have the city of Gothenburg (Sweden), followed by Stockholm, Chicago and Boston. Continue reading “The most sociable and festive cities in the world”


Seven beaches that we love and have no white sand ideal for winter getaways!

While half the world is almost head tucked in the winter, there are privileged areas where you can still enjoy the beach, the sun and the relaxation that can only be achieved with feet sunk in the white or golden sands. White or gold? Not always! A across the planet, we have met with sandy beaches all colors. Visual spectacles that we would love to escape the cold now that attacks us. Continue reading “Seven beaches that we love and have no white sand ideal for winter getaways!”


13 reasons to visit New Zealand

Among many places that are always between desired for the next trip is New Zealand. That country on the other side of the planet, which you get after zillions hour flight and the feeling of not knowing or what day you are or what will become of you.

In addition, 13 we will be short, because it goes beyond that. A country of contrasts, highly involved with their origins and traditions, linked to a fascinating nature and which in just a few steps spend the absolute summer to walk on a glacier. Yes, start to put money in the bank to go now. Continue reading “13 reasons to visit New Zealand”


If you are vegetarian, these are the best cities for eating out

The vegetarian diet – and its most restrictive variant, the vegan – has been gaining followers year after year and because of the large number of people who choose to sideline animal products, gradually the world of restoration has adapted. For some, this adaptation has been little more than offer boring salads and dishes with little grace, but many have gone further, devising proposals that have nothing to envy their counterparts carnivorous. Today we travel through the cities where you can better eat any vegetarian. Continue reading “If you are vegetarian, these are the best cities for eating out”


Macedonia, the places you can not miss this great unknown

Wedged in the middle of the Balkans, the Republic of Macedonia is the great unknown that hides great wonders that are becoming a new tourist destination. Surrounded by Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Albania and Kosovo hides great treasures that are attracting crowds of visitors looking to history, nature and gastronomy. Macedonia begins to draw attention to the means of communication Americans.

Part of the former Yugoslavia until its independence in 1991 is a blend of civilizations in what we might call a crossroads of East and West. Very mountainous, with spectacular rivers and national parks are also full of culture because of their constant invasions and occupations by Persians, Romans and Ottoman Turks. These are the sites most visited. Continue reading “Macedonia, the places you can not miss this great unknown”