history of computing

This is how reverse engineering changed the history of computing forever

IBM was the master of the bits and bytes in the early 80. At that time, Apple, Microsoft and the manufacturers of those legendary 8 – bit computers also blunted, but it did not matter: the blue giant dominated with firm hand enterprise computing, and displays a button. The PC was not called PC was called IBM PC.

Those responsible for that company had us all well bound, and they did so with a technique most effective: although published much of the source code of the operating system that governed those antediluvian PCs, which did not allow replicate was the BIOS code, that system that allowed them to be the only ones to offer their PCs Phoenix Technologies And then came to change the world – our world with a much less dark technique than it might seem reverse engineering. Continue reading “This is how reverse engineering changed the history of computing forever”

Chrome OS

Is it time has come to take Chrome OS seriously?

The ranking of the desktop operating systems takes time without seeing significant changes. Windows takes years of absolute rule; Mac OS X maintains a stable percentage of users and conventional GNU / Linux still struggling to gain a foothold without all the success that many deserve.

Google tried some years ago to create an alternative to Chrome OS. Being based solely on the cloud was a limited system and many will not inaugurals a good future. But now that is about to be able to run all applications Android is completely transformed, and perhaps the time to start taking it seriously as a worthy candidate to close the gap with Windows and Mac has arrived.

In fact, the first step has already been silent in recent months. During the first quarter of 2016 we have been sold 2 million Chromebook in the United States, surpassing the 1.76 million Macs were sold during the same period and all this while still a limited operating system features. Continue reading “Is it time has come to take Chrome OS seriously?”