Three Types of Cornhole Boards for Your Corporate Event

Three Types of Cornhole Boards for Your Corporate Event

Cornhole toss is a great activity for corporate events. It encourages your employees to work together while unwinding for the day. The cornhole boards come in different designs to fit a specific theme, and the following list features three types of cornhole boards to consider for your corporate event.

Three Types of Cornhole Boards for Your Corporate Event

Company Color Scheme

If your company has a specific color scheme, you can order the cornhole boards in those colors. You may order red and yellow to represent your restaurant, or maybe you want to order the boards in purple and white to represent your party planning company. Are your company colors red, white and blue? You can order the cornhole boards in two or three colors to fit your scheme.

Customized Design

It is always fun to see your company logo on a piece of merchandise, and a cornhole board with your logo is perfect for your corporate event. There are two options for a customized cornhole board set. The first option is a cornhole board that features your logo within a border, and the second option features your logo in a full wrap design.

The Home Team

There are many businesses that show support for their local NFL, MLB, NBA, college or community sports team. Why not represent the home team at your own corporate event? You can have the cornhole boards customized with the logo or colors of a local sports team. This is a great idea if you are hosting a sports-themed corporate event.

A company that customizes cornhole boards may also allow you to choose the color of your cornhole bean bags. You may want the cornhole boards to feature your logo and the cornhole bags to feature your color scheme. The company also carries decals, lights, tote bags and other accessories for your cornhole game. If you want to keep it simple, order a basic or classic five-hole cornhole board for your event.

You can start getting ready for your event by browsing through the best cornhole boards online today.

Post mix troubleshooting

Post mix is a term that refers to the drink system that mixes soft drink syrup with chilled water and carbon dioxide. This instantly creates a delicious, refreshing fizzy drink – but if you start to notice that the machine isn’t dispensing drinks properly, there could be a problem with the machine.

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Here are a few tips to help you fix your post mix machine.

If the drink is coming out warm

If the machine is producing warm drinks, check that the power is switched on, that the cooler has an ice bank and that the pumps are all running smoothly. If everything seems fine, check the ventilation grill isn’t blocked by dust. If the grill is blocked, you can clean it with a tough hand brush.

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If the drink is still

If you are trying to making fizzy drinks but they are coming out flat, it could be caused by a loss of C02. This problem is fairly common. You can fix the issue by checking that the C02 bottle isn’t empty. If it is, change the bottle and purge the system by pulling at least eight pints of drink from each tap. Start with the tap that is furthest away from the C02 bottle.

If the problem is still happening, check that the glassware is clean. Dishwashers can leave a residue on glasses that makes drinks flat; if so, you may need to replace your dishwasher or your glassware.

If you want to buy high-quality post mix equipment for your system, head to to find out more.

If the drinks are too fizzy

Check that the stopcock that supplies the carbonator is turned on to full, and then check the mains water supply to make sure that it is producing enough water. If everything seems fine, check that the C02 bottle is properly connected and turned on, and then check that the carbonator is connected and switched on.

If you notice a red light flashing on the carbonator, you can reset the system by switching it off at the mains. Leave the system switched off for at least five seconds before you turn it back on. If the carbonator is now running, you will need to purge the system (with at least eight pints of drink through each tap) before you can use it normally.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Budget Wise Developers

Making video games is an expensive business. Much more so, in fact, than many seem to assume.  A major AAA video game title can cost upwards of $150 million, with some reported to have cost as much as $200 million. How can a game cost this much to make? Very simply; video games can take as many as five years to make, with hundreds, or even thousands of various specialists working on them. From programmers and coders, to artists, animators, and even voice actors, a lot more goes into creating these games than something like online pokies.

This is why when the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance came along, many were sceptical as to whether the game could deliver on its promises. Why? Because the game had had a budget of a paltry $5 million, and was attempting to do what games that cost $100 million were doing. Obviously; a completely impossible task. Or was it?

What Is It?

Kingdom Come: Deliverance set out to create an open world RPG adventure game, set in medieval times, and trying to stay as close as possible to historical accuracy. Often compared to The Witcher 3, Kingdom Come offered players combat in form of sword fighting and bow shooting, detailed and branching dialogue systems, a full main storyline, and multiple side quests. And that wasn’t all. Thieving is also possible, as well as alchemy, a detailed armour system, horse riding, and even a persistent reputation.

The released game does indeed offer all these things, plus impressive graphics, and full voice acting. Once again, how could a small developer studio possibly create such an expansive game with a budget that bigger developers would only sneer at?

Successes And Failures

It was expected that some corners would have to be cut in order for the massively ambitious game to be achieved, with a budget that amounts to video game developer pocket change. The game succeeds in many areas, managing to create an extremely believable medieval world, with a working economy, and authenticity in every detail. The quests are interesting, storyline engaging, and a person can easily get lost simply exploring the world.

But, there are areas where the game clearly shows it’s lack of budget. In comparison to other major RPGs, the facial animations in Kingdom Come, and animation quality in general, is laughably poor. Where games such as The Witcher 3 have lifelike lip syncing and facial animation, Kingdom Come is not even in the same ballpark.

Did It Succeed

So there is much impressive about Kingdom Come, and much to be desired. The question is; was this budget beating production a success and did it pave the way for the future? The short answer is; a roaring success. Given the games budget, and that it sold over a million copies in just a week, the game was a financial success almost instantly.

Some players were disappointed by the games obvious shortfalls, but the majority seemed to embrace it for what it was; an incredible achievement by a developer that worked with a shoestring budget. Love it or not, it succeeded in a big way.


The best tips that will help you fight stress

Stress is not always negative. On many occasions, it can help us to motivate us to stop procrastinating and finish with certain tasks for which we never had time. However, many times, fighting stress is essential so that it does not dominate our lives.

A dose of stress can be positive, but if we suffer every day to the point that the doctor has diagnosed it as something already chronic, we need to take action. For this, let’s see some tips to fight against stress. Continue reading “The best tips that will help you fight stress”

Fun home renovation ideas in 2018

As a homeowner, one of the coolest experiences you can have involves a fun home renovation. It’s always nice to transform a space in order to breathe new life into it and customize it even more. To make things even better, it’s nice to know you don’t have to do the heavy lifting if you hire a contractor. However, there are a few things you’ll want to remember as the homeowner during a major home renovation project.

1. Get clear on what’s needed from you.
As you sit down with the architect and the project manager, get clear on what’s needed from you throughout the process. It might be that you need to set aside a certain amount of money for unexpected costs. It could be that you need to expect to be ready for weekly meetings. Whatever they need from you during the process, make sure you’re clear about everything before they swing the first hammer.

2. Protect your valuables.
It’s not that you’re assuming that people will steal your things. It’s nice to hope that everyone has integrity. However, you don’t know all of the contractors and workers who will be coming in and out of the home. Make sure that you put away any prized possessions or valuable assets. Whether you choose to put them in a safe or in a storage unit, protect your really valuable items.

3. Be respectful.
Be respectful of those who are doing the work. Don’t get in their way. Don’t be rude and micromanage everything they’re doing. It’s probably best if you stay out of the way and allow everyone to freely do their job. Imagine if you were being watched while you were getting work done. It’d feel pretty uncomfortable.

4. Express appreciation.
While you’re probably paying a pretty penny to get the work done, make sure to express appreciation to those who are putting in the hard work. On the first day of the new project, leave a thank-you note and a few beautiful food gift baskets. It’s a great way to set the tone and let them know you appreciate everything they’re doing to create the home of your dreams.

chronic fatigue

6 Eating habits that fight chronic fatigue

Do you feel tired all the time? Do you feel that even if you sleep, you do not get rid of laziness? Then you may suffer chronic fatigue syndrome.

One of the culprits of suffering from this problem is a poor diet. It is no secret that food makes your body work for what you eat, defines how you feel and how you look.

Chronic fatigue is what makes you crave a cup of coffee at the precise moment you wake up. The problem is that that is not enough, because all the time you are without energy. Continue reading “6 Eating habits that fight chronic fatigue”

the walls

7 Ways to decorate the walls of your house

Decorating the walls of your house can be a fun, simple, economical and original task. You should not spend a fortune, you’ll see, and you ‘ll have a magical place that changes the aesthetics of an entire environment.

We will leave aside the classic paintings in golden baroque frames, and we will give you the 7 best ideas to decorate the walls that no one told you about. Continue reading “7 Ways to decorate the walls of your house”

The advantages of moving membership renewal online

Managing your annual membership renewal is not a job most businesses relish. The time commitment and staff burden often puts many small businesses into shutdown, while making even a few small mistakes can mean a huge fall-out rate. For these reasons and many more, UK organisations and companies are now mostly making this an online task. Let’s look at how investing in an online membership renewal system can deliver real benefits.

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Getting the timing right

Most small businesses and membership organisations start their annual membership renewal process one or two months before the payment is due. Any more time spent on this process would be ludicrous; however, most members don’t renew on the first prompt.

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Studies show that most members require a minimum of two prompts, with some only renewing after the third. Sending these out manually as emails is time-consuming, while updating a database to see who has responded is a lot of work. This means that with a one-month window, many people simply do not renew.

A dedicated page

If you use a system from a provider such as, you can create a dedicated membership renewal URL link to give to your members. Rather than asking members to renew and leaving them to find their way around online or having to call you, they can self-complete. With a dedicated page, members can also bookmark it for future reference; for example, if they intend to renew but then exit the process because their credit card is in the other room, they can come back to it later.

Managing and using up-to-date data

Membership management systems only work when the data they use is correct and available to use across all channels. If it belongs to just one administrator who guards it with their life, it doesn’t matter how well cared for your database is. Offering online customer account logins to members means they can see when their renewals are due themselves. If your database can’t communicate with this system, it is time to retire it.

Always say thank you

While a thank you is always nice, what it really achieves is confirmation. Having an automatic ‘thanking’ system means your members know their membership has been renewed, which is reassuring and creates a more trusting relationship.