Pregnant Faster

5 Tips for Getting Pregnant Faster

To increase the fertility rate and get pregnant faster, you can adopt some simple strategies like investing in intimate contact during the fertile period, eating more wheat germ, and remaining lying down after ejaculation.

But in addition, it is also important to go to the gynecologist to find out if there is no genital disease that is making pregnancy difficult. Quitting smoking and putting aside alcoholic beverages is also important, one that these addictions can lead to small changes in the development of the embryo, and consequently to unwanted abortions. Continue reading “5 Tips for Getting Pregnant Faster”


Couple: 10 tips to improve a relationship

Especially during a long engagement or marriage, with the passing of time and the habits of mastering it, it may seem that the couple is no longer the same as the beginning, but there are tips to improve a relationship that is based on experience and are able to give new impetus to love before a real crunch occurs.

Any relationship, in fact, needs a constant commitment, attentiveness, gesture, love, and respect for it to be happy and lasting. Continue reading “Couple: 10 tips to improve a relationship”

long distance relationships

4 Reasons why long distance relationships last longer

There are many couples who for one reason or another, they live their love at a distance and according to some research, it seems that these stories will last even longer than traditional ones. Because? Here are 4 simple reasons …

They are called “commuters love” partners who for various reasons are forced to live apart and be alone together on weekends and bank holidays. Continue reading “4 Reasons why long distance relationships last longer”

healthy and lasting relationship

Ten rules for a healthy and lasting relationship

Time passes, but not the love. Here are the ingredients needed to make stronger the couple’s relationship.

Fear of time passing? The real couple’s therapy rests on the ability to accept and encourage! Our growth and partners without fear of changes. Discover the handbook that helps you make healthier the relationship with your own. Continue reading “Ten rules for a healthy and lasting relationship”


Those who do not want relationships

Some people say they do not want to have sex and it is absolutely true, what they want is to have everything that makes them live the illusion of having a partner but without really having it. They believe the pain of a breakup is in proportion to the degree of their relationship and why they have “no-boyfriends”, “friends with benefits”, “good friends”, “special people” or “it’s complicated” (this is the one I love, I childbirth every time I hear). But they do not want to have sex.

They want everything good that gives you a relationship without going through any of its other stages. Continually looking to connect with someone as if they were a wireless network, without going over is not going to be to become a real relationship and have to do something. They want to have a person beside awakening, they want someone who is there when needed, but without being trapped in a relationship (For some reason when they are in a relationship prisoners feel). Continue reading “Those who do not want relationships”


Anxiety on the first date? Science can help

Is the anxiety you make it difficult when connecting with people you would like to spend more time? You may end up meeting someone but you are worried that your nerves they throw it all away. People with anxiety may be too hard on themselves, they tend to think that something bad will happen and usually feel judged for the rest.

Sometimes the mere thought of a social situation can cause panic attacks: surges of intense anxiety lasting a few minutes and make you feel as if you were to give a heart attack, could lose control or go crazy. In some social situations, those suffering from anxiety may feel short of breath and dizzy, sweating, flushing, tremors and stomach discomfort. There are many people with anxiety. In fact, one of every 14 people in the world suffers some anxiety attack at any time, women and teenagers being the most affected. However, it is possible to overcome anxiety and have a good quote and this is what scientists say about it. Continue reading “Anxiety on the first date? Science can help”

Love of life

How to know if it is the love of my life

“And they lived happily ever after” is the phrase that concluded the stories everyone told us when we were little, but we know that history does not always end well. Real life little (or nothing) has to do with children’s stories. There are many skeptics who do not believe in “forever” against the hopeless romantics who await the arrival of the love of their lives.

You’re disbelieved or lovesick, the truth is that it is very difficult to know when you’ve found the right person and if that relationship will be the last and final. If you are interested in how to know if the love of your life, you do not stop reading this article where you will find some of the keys to see if that special someone is the love of your life. Continue reading “How to know if it is the love of my life”

12 tips to recover from emotional pain

Pain is because he is trying to tell us something. Basically I could say two things: that “would be more alive if we did more this” or that “life would be better if we did not do much this.” And according to Peter McWilliamsue, once we understand the pain message and follow his advice, the pain goes away. Continue reading “12 tips to recover from emotional pain”

Distance relationships are difficult, but worth it!

Whether for work or studies more and more people who experience a long-distance relationship. The world is globalized and this is inevitable. If you’re sick of hearing it will not work and it is better that you leave it, read on to discover why distance relationships are difficult, but worth it. Continue reading “Distance relationships are difficult, but worth it!”