internet connection

Get super fast internet connection: All you can do on your computer

All you can do to optimize your computer in order to have a super-fast internet connection and an unlimited connection.

Internet speed on PCs and mobile devices is influenced by many factors, some of which we have no control, others on which we can work to improve the connection.

Sometimes it may be a problem with the network configuration, sometimes with the WiFi signal or with the router or the PC itself. Continue reading “Get super fast internet connection: All you can do on your computer”


It Makes Sense To Have A Website?

The year is 2017 and the scenario is not the most reassuring. Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States of America, the organic lobby to the cry of the gluten-free has declared war against everything that contains palm oil. It is also sadly closes every glimmer of historical rehabilitation of the mullet. The voice runs for some time in the corridors of the agencies that sell online glory and dreams of those who have built their careers trying to put the websites not under if the bugs in check Internet Explorer: fare too well.

Those who work in symbiosis with the network knows, everything runs faster and obsolescence is around the corner. MySpace also became a place of great cool Dante populated almost exclusively by hordes of musicians who wandered in search of gullible listeners by stress to place your own playlist metalcore. Each historical period has its ill for sacrifice on the altar of progress and this time it seems that the patient is dying just the website. Maybe it will be a matter of a few years to attend his complete extinction. Continue reading “It Makes Sense To Have A Website?”

send large attachments

How to send large attachments

You’re looking at every way to send a very heavy attachment to a friend (e.g. A video or an archive with a data database), but via email we cannot because the file exceeds the upload limits of your inbox electronic and / or those of the receipt of your friend’s box. You must prepare to put everything on a USB stick and hand over the person files. Never! With the guidance of fact, today I want to explain how to do to be able to send large attachments without wasting time and without having to stage excessively long procedures and impractical.

To be able to send large attachments just turn to third-party services, available online and thinking precisely for the purpose in question. Alternatively, you can resort to the use of some special cloud storage solutions that can be exploited directly by email and can be more or less comfortable depending on the circumstances. In all cases, however, this need not worry; you will not do anything too complicated. The solutions for sending large attachments I am going to point you in fact can be used by everyone, even by less experienced when it comes to new technologies, without any particular problems.

Then? You can know what are you still standing there? It begins to put very comfortable before your trusty computer and begins to concentrate on my reading this tutorial all dedicated to how to send large attachments. I’m sure that eventually you will be able to tell you more than satisfied not only too happy had discovered. What do you say, we bet? Continue reading “How to send large attachments”

Usability and User experience

Do you know the difference between usability and user experience?

Usability and user experience are two terms of those who have heard referring to the online navigation. But do you know its definition and the main differences between these concepts?

The official definition of usability that provides the international standard refers to the capacity of the software product to be understood, learned, used and appeals to the user, when used under certain conditions. Moreover, the standard defines the user experience as the result of perceptions and responses of a person by use and anticipated use of a product, system or service.

Explained more colloquially, the usability of a web or platform is measured by how easy and intuitive it is to handle, while the user experience spans more factors and goes a step further, referring to the user satisfaction before, during and after browsing a website.

If your users are able to easily navigate your site, your site has a good index of usability as it meets its functional purpose. Furthermore, if the experience is pleasant, comfortable and positive, we can talk about a positive user experience, supported by the web design and menu navigation. Continue reading “Do you know the difference between usability and user experience?”

Copying and pasting information on your website, why it is not a good idea?

Many websites retails, retail businesses, feed on products they buy from a wholesaler. In these cases the user shop selling street if you have a web page has to offer some relevant data on these products. Let’s see why it is not a good idea to copy and paste information directly to your web wholesale.

The first reason has to do with the aim to have the most Internet websites, to publicize the company and its products. It is therefore essential that the website has a good search engine rankings, do a good job of SEO for users to enter certain keywords get to our website. Continue reading “Copying and pasting information on your website, why it is not a good idea?”


Google is experimenting with bringing material design to desktop search

Yes, you read that right, the Google search engine page could be about to change. In fact, some users have been Reddit and Twitter which have reported, a prior, this modification. A rejuvenated after -temporal- found its adaptation to Material Design, regulations or design language that the Mountain View are included in all its products.

A test, in any case, with the technology giant would be experiencing and coming with changes regarding the presentation from the links, even the wallpaper of the popular search engine, which would not be blank. Continue reading “Google is experimenting with bringing material design to desktop search”