The Functions of the Different Types of Nootropics

Just like any other smart drugs, these Nootropics come in different types and of course each type has their own contributions to the brain. This is important to discuss because when you want to focus on specific portions of your brain that you would wish to enhance, you could get the type of Nootropics that could attain your goal. Also, you would know if these smart drugs actually work if you have seen and observed development on those certain aspects that you are targeting. You will find more info about nootropics on: Continue reading “The Functions of the Different Types of Nootropics”

You Could Improve Brain Function through Drugs, Food, and Vitamins

You could compare your brain to a machine that is performing so many tasks just to make the whole thing functional. It has a complete parts with different functions and all of these components work together to serve their purpose. In order to make the machine always useful, a high maintenance level should be performed and fuel is the most needed ingredient to make it work. In the brain set-up, these components would serve as those body parts that rely on the brain instructions so they could also perform their own task. The fuels are the food and vitamins that you take in so you could provide your brain with the necessary nutrients. In some cases, the brain would also need drugs to boost its performance serving all the body parts connected to it. You will find more info about brain improvement on:

With so many body functions that the brain process every day, there could be chances that the nerve cells would be damaged because of some factors. In order to avoid any of this mental incapability, the so called Nootropics, or the smart drugs are available in the market for you to grab. Continue reading “You Could Improve Brain Function through Drugs, Food, and Vitamins”

Giving Your Brain with the Complete Food and Vitamins Including Smart Drugs

In order for the brain to function well, like any other organs, it needs proper nourishments and complete vitamins and minerals so that the person would have an improved mental ability. Brain supplements are already available in the market and many people are already taking advantage of them. Nootropics or the smart drugs are the best examples that consumers claim to have the best effects in improving their brain’s performance. You will find more info on:

Health experts recommend all people to take good care of all their body organs, especially the brain as the center of all functions. All commands from the sensory organs are forwarded to the brain so that the body could respond in a proper way to any stimulus existing in the environment. Continue reading “Giving Your Brain with the Complete Food and Vitamins Including Smart Drugs”

Lack of sleep and bad break: Two factors that increase the risk of sports injuries

One of the three factors that form the “Golden Triangle fitness“, next to training and diet, is rest. Perhaps the most underrated of the three, especially in these years when it seems we have to do everything and do not have time for anything. “Hopefully , the days have 48 hours,” it is a common phrase and when we lack time to do everything we want, our rest is the first thing sacrificed.

You may not be aware of its importance: during sleep hours (between 7 and 8 are recommended, always depending on each person) our body goes into a process of “repair” necessary for the proper functioning of the body. In the case of athletes this rest period is even more important because it has been linked lack of sleep or a restful sleep with increased risk of sports injuries. Continue reading “Lack of sleep and bad break: Two factors that increase the risk of sports injuries”

Boost Your Self-Confidence by Improving Your Smile

A lot of research has been done on the link that exists between how a person looks and how they feel about themselves. And this idea only makes sense. Just think about how you feel in the morning when you get up, get ready, and then look at yourself in the mirror and feel great about the way you look. You have a lot of self-confidence. You feel like tackling new projects and trying new things. You are more outgoing, and you do not feel nervous to meet new people. Continue reading “Boost Your Self-Confidence by Improving Your Smile”

How much have to eat

How much have to eat to be an Olympic athlete? How many Big Mac or Donuts could eat?

Within a few days they will begin the expected Olympic Games Rio 2016, one of the most controversial generated as has been approaching the start date;the state, not as good as expected, the Olympic Village, the Zika virus or possible expulsion of Russian athletes due to cases of massive doping, are some of the news that has accompanied us during these previous days to the ceremony opening.

Our athletes are already en route from Rio de Janeiro, a city that hosts the Games this year, where after months preparing mentally will be measured with the best athletes from around the world. A burst of adrenaline and energy that will lead them to give the best of themselves: what do they eat to cope with this time of great tension and emotion?

Tell me what sport you practice and tell you how much you have to eat

And, obviously, it does not have the same physical wear a marathon an athlete archery. We could divide sports into different groups to learn about how many calories you need each of the athletes, but this will always depend, in addition to your sport, other factors: age, sex, height, weight, muscle mass, fat mass …

Dr. Nanna Meyer, a nutritionist at the Olympic Committee and professor of nutrition at the University of Colorado, made an estimate of the calories needed for each type of athlete ahead of the Olympic Games in London. The results are surprising because many Olympians do not eat many more calories than you can take a clerk in his day. Continue reading “How much have to eat to be an Olympic athlete? How many Big Mac or Donuts could eat?”


Exercising does not counteract the effects of spending much time sitting: learn to solve

Make exercise regularly is a totally good practice if we want health care for all its aspects and although it represents an antidote to many diseases, not counteract the effects of spending a lot of time sitting.

The effects of spending a lot of time sitting

The sedentary lifestyle is evil today that undoubtedly harms the health of the body, but even if we think that we are not indentations because we train one hour a day, we know that spending too much time sitting pose a risk to the body.

It is known to spend many hours sitting increases the risk of disease from any cause but subs is made or regularly, and a new study confirms that the Sedentary time is responsible for a higher morbidity and mortality associated with cardiovascular disease. Continue reading “Exercising does not counteract the effects of spending much time sitting: learn to solve”

How to Train the Brain and Improve Concentration

As business owners have always lots of irons in the fire. Staying focused can be difficult in front of a steady stream of employees, customers, emails and phone calls that need your attention. Amid all this noise, understand the capabilities and limitations of your brain and the multitasking rules learning to work around, can help you improve your concentration and growing your productivity. Continue reading “How to Train the Brain and Improve Concentration”


Attentive to these 4 tips: Essential details to “land” on the beach with advantage

It’s time to vacation and touched review that “maintenance” we conducted, almost without realizing it, for a while: exfoliation, waxing, the result of that cellulite has therefore promised a repository to the wicks, dye … it seems that everything is ready! And yet, the early days of beach are “scary” for most of us. Attentive to the most basic, sometimes we forget some other detail that in the worst case can become a real problem.

An example? Although I do not want to tan my face, I recognize that until we have a few days in contact with the sea breeze, my appearance leaves much to be desired. I am from passing through various shades, before getting a healthy tone, and my face is a poem. That is just one of the stumbling blocks I find in my first vacation days, those days that most got tired, disoriented and even in some cases, something foolish with our choices of care. Win this effect is the mission enjoy from the outset, the goal.

What I face! What do I do?

In addition, suddenly, we are deprived of “all” makeup product in the face during those days of transition towards a new look. Days, in most cases, meetings, meals, greetings, you would want to deal with right product in the circumstances.

This year I tried 182 Teint Compact SPF 50+ of Maria Galland, formulated for summer days. If you care about the imperfections, dark circles, this compact long -lasting makeup suits all skin tones and tans the skin gently. Color provides such a flattering, is so light and protects so well that it has become one of my essential. Just a hazard, its effect is so beautiful on the skin that ye may not do without it. Continue reading “Attentive to these 4 tips: Essential details to “land” on the beach with advantage”

Whatsapp and neck pain

Whatsapp and neck pain, is there a relationship between them?

A few months ago we received the news that WhatsApp, the messaging application par excellence, had already surpassed the barrier of one billion users, there is nothing. Billion users that check the more than 42,000 million messages sent daily, with his head bowed and eyes fixed on the screen of your phone. Can this habit lead to problems for our health?

Since the publication of the famous studio surgeon Kenneth K. Hansraj on the pressure receiving our neck when placed in the usual position to read or write to the mobile phone have run rivers of ink on whether the use of new technologies can make us more harm that well when we talk about our physical state. Let’s see if the use (and abuse) of the mobile phone is as bad as we have said it is. Continue reading “Whatsapp and neck pain, is there a relationship between them?”