Useful tips for travelers who suffer from anxiety when traveling

Many of us have noticed anxiety before, during and after a trip or a flight. Mild levels of anxiety related to travel are very common. We are all a bit nervous before traveling or going out. The problem comes when these levels are too high. Here are a few tips for managing anxiety …

What is anxiety about traveling?

Travel-related anxiety is the worry, nervousness or fear you feel in the context of travel. Travel takes us out of our comfort zone, and it is not uncommon to feel any degree of tension or worry. Feelings of travel anxiety are somewhat punctual; they must be differentiated from the more chronic and habitual anxiety disorders. Continue reading “Useful tips for travelers who suffer from anxiety when traveling”


Alcohol incites more violence than other drugs, but it will not come out on the news

The mainstream media tends to issue more news about illegal drugs than alcohol. Stories about illegal drugs are also more negative and the media are more likely to present them as dangerous, morally destructive and associated with violent behavior and drug users as irresponsible and degenerate people.

In fact, the media are more likely to link illegal drugs to violent crime, sexual assault and homicide than alcohol. All this despite a study finding that 47% of homicides in Australia over a period of six years were related to alcohol.

The coverage of the recent Rainbow Serpent music festival in Australia is an example of how the media relates illegal drug use to violence. There were alleged physical and sexual assaults during the festival, which took place over five days, including Australia’s national day.

However, the truth is that there was not as much violence or sexual assault as would be expected in relation to alcohol in such a large concentration of people during Australia’s national day.

Given that media information plays an important role the opinions that people form, this could make people believe that illegal drugs are more likely to lead to violence than alcohol. This is due to a cognitive tendency or “mental shortcut” known as the heuristic of availability that leads people to form opinions based on the most recent information they receive.

What do data tell us about the likelihood that alcohol or other drugs will end in violence? Are there drugs that are worse? Continue reading “Alcohol incites more violence than other drugs, but it will not come out on the news”

The training

The training you need if you spend more than eight hours sitting

“Train to your daily life” seems to be a good mantra: prepare your body so it can cope with the tasks you have to perform every day and to counter what we also do evil every day. Therein lies much of the functional training : learning movement patterns that we can reflect or have transferred to our daily lives.

Although our body is designed to move, more and we spend more time sitting : at home, in public transport, at work … When we have the opportunity to move (for example, to go up to the office) opted for The easy exit that usually are the elevators or the escalators.

What kind of training can we do to counter these bad decisions, to be more functional and to prevent possible injuries? That you will always have these movements, which will benefit you in your daily life. Continue reading “The training you need if you spend more than eight hours sitting”

There IS a Solution to Gynecomastia

Aging is not always kind to the human body. It begins to take a toll on memory, add wrinkles, pounds of fat in unexpected areas and can put the internal hormone levels upside down. Even a slight change of hormone levels can alter mood, sensitivity to taste, sound and even foods that were once enjoyed can be newly loathed. Women and men are both subject to this drop in hormone levels, but it can cause a side effect in men that is seen as slightly embarrassing. Continue reading “There IS a Solution to Gynecomastia”

The Functions of the Different Types of Nootropics

Just like any other smart drugs, these Nootropics come in different types and of course each type has their own contributions to the brain. This is important to discuss because when you want to focus on specific portions of your brain that you would wish to enhance, you could get the type of Nootropics that could attain your goal. Also, you would know if these smart drugs actually work if you have seen and observed development on those certain aspects that you are targeting. You will find more info about nootropics on: Continue reading “The Functions of the Different Types of Nootropics”

You Could Improve Brain Function through Drugs, Food, and Vitamins

You could compare your brain to a machine that is performing so many tasks just to make the whole thing functional. It has a complete parts with different functions and all of these components work together to serve their purpose. In order to make the machine always useful, a high maintenance level should be performed and fuel is the most needed ingredient to make it work. In the brain set-up, these components would serve as those body parts that rely on the brain instructions so they could also perform their own task. The fuels are the food and vitamins that you take in so you could provide your brain with the necessary nutrients. In some cases, the brain would also need drugs to boost its performance serving all the body parts connected to it. You will find more info about brain improvement on:

With so many body functions that the brain process every day, there could be chances that the nerve cells would be damaged because of some factors. In order to avoid any of this mental incapability, the so called Nootropics, or the smart drugs are available in the market for you to grab. Continue reading “You Could Improve Brain Function through Drugs, Food, and Vitamins”

Giving Your Brain with the Complete Food and Vitamins Including Smart Drugs

In order for the brain to function well, like any other organs, it needs proper nourishments and complete vitamins and minerals so that the person would have an improved mental ability. Brain supplements are already available in the market and many people are already taking advantage of them. Nootropics or the smart drugs are the best examples that consumers claim to have the best effects in improving their brain’s performance. You will find more info on:

Health experts recommend all people to take good care of all their body organs, especially the brain as the center of all functions. All commands from the sensory organs are forwarded to the brain so that the body could respond in a proper way to any stimulus existing in the environment. Continue reading “Giving Your Brain with the Complete Food and Vitamins Including Smart Drugs”

Lack of sleep and bad break: Two factors that increase the risk of sports injuries

One of the three factors that form the “Golden Triangle fitness“, next to training and diet, is rest. Perhaps the most underrated of the three, especially in these years when it seems we have to do everything and do not have time for anything. “Hopefully , the days have 48 hours,” it is a common phrase and when we lack time to do everything we want, our rest is the first thing sacrificed.

You may not be aware of its importance: during sleep hours (between 7 and 8 are recommended, always depending on each person) our body goes into a process of “repair” necessary for the proper functioning of the body. In the case of athletes this rest period is even more important because it has been linked lack of sleep or a restful sleep with increased risk of sports injuries. Continue reading “Lack of sleep and bad break: Two factors that increase the risk of sports injuries”

Boost Your Self-Confidence by Improving Your Smile

A lot of research has been done on the link that exists between how a person looks and how they feel about themselves. And this idea only makes sense. Just think about how you feel in the morning when you get up, get ready, and then look at yourself in the mirror and feel great about the way you look. You have a lot of self-confidence. You feel like tackling new projects and trying new things. You are more outgoing, and you do not feel nervous to meet new people. Continue reading “Boost Your Self-Confidence by Improving Your Smile”