Carrot Cake

Easy Recipe: Carrot Cake

Usually any cake is easy to make, although it is advisable to apply some trick to get homemade sponge cakes. However, in the case of the carrot cake does not have to do anything special to make it come out because it is not a sponge cake in search of everything else.

The crumb of this cake is dense, but juicy and moist. This involves the carrot, which plays a wonderful role. Do not confuse this carrot cake with carrot cake or carrot cake has nothing to do. This is an easy recipe, no frills, no spices, no cream cheese as a topping. It does not need it to conquer your palates. Do we check it? Continue reading “Easy Recipe: Carrot Cake”


Triple chocolate sponge cake: Recipe with and without Thermomix to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Is there a better way to celebrate a special date than chocolate? For me not, that’s why this triple chocolate cake seemed ideal as a dessert for Valentine’s Day. Do not be frightened how long preparation is, I advise you to read it first completely and you will realize that it is not as difficult as it seems a prior.

The important thing is to be clear that you have to make a mass of chocolate cake, a filling of chocolate cream and a chocolate ganache. If you want, you can prepare the biscuits in advance and store them wrapped in film paper to keep them wet until they are used. Continue reading “Triple chocolate sponge cake: Recipe with and without Thermomix to celebrate Valentine’s Day”


Healthy recipe: Eggplant with brown rice miso

I try to remember when first tried the miso, but I am unable to visualize the day when I heard the word for the first time. I know it would be my first tasting miso soup, typical Japanese dish with great flavor, despite its simplicity. Later I discovered the specialty of eggplant miso, another treat that has inspired me for this simple homemade recipe.

When cooking eggplant miso pan or wok, we do not have to turn on the oven, but it could also be roasted adding miso sauce at the end. In any case, try the miso paste that suits to your taste, opting for white miso if you prefer milder flavors. It is a fantastic place to add to soups, stews and sauces ingredient, and lasts a long time in the fridge. Continue reading “Healthy recipe: Eggplant with brown rice miso”


Cake of bread, ham and cheese… renovated classic recipe!

We all have culinary memories. Some more than others, but all have. Mine are many and that is, as has always interested me gastronomy, my memory has been commissioned to cherish without skimping space. One is the cake of bread, ham and cheese.

I remember the day my mother prepared for the first time. He did it for dinner, in a gas oven, temperamental and unpredictable, that night behaved well and rewarded us with a cake of bread, ham and cheese that I made my delight. Today I have felt prepare for my family, renewing the classic recipe, and thus it has become attractive. Continue reading “Cake of bread, ham and cheese… renovated classic recipe!”

skip the diet

Why is it important to skip the diet once a week?

Avoid the rules and cheating is one of the things we attract humans, perhaps because of that, he has invented the “day cheat” when dieting and today we tell you why it is important to skip the diet once a week.

Day or cheat meal in through diet

In most weight loss plans, you are allowed one day a week, choosing what to eat even if it is outside the rules of the diet.

Yes, usually only talk about one meal, one day a week, i.e. skip the diet once in seven days and power at that time, savor the snack you most want us although this result pump calories. Continue reading “Why is it important to skip the diet once a week?”

Cold cream of carrots and mango

Summer Recipe – Cold cream of carrots and mango

With this heat wave we only think of eating cold dishes to help us rehydrate. Today we will prepare a very special, one cold cream of carrots and mango which is very refreshing and also takes a bit of celery and a touch of fresh ginger in their preparation.

To prepare this recipe summer, because it is very simple and can serve for a change and not resort to the usual, although logically we love, we repeated too many times. Continue reading “Summer Recipe – Cold cream of carrots and mango”