orange sponge cake

Homemade orange sponge cake recipe to make in 5 minutes

If the cake stands out for something, it is because it is one of the most versatile desserts that exist. This is mainly due to the fact that its realization allows a multitude of possibilities in terms of type and flavors. For example, the orange sponge cake we are going to make today.

In turn, the sponge cake is such a popular recipe that ways to microwave it in 5 minutes have already been discovered. This facility lies in the famous shape or size yogurt because its size is similar to that of a glass or the container of a yogurt. Continue reading “Homemade orange sponge cake recipe to make in 5 minutes”


Diet for patients with anorexia: 4 keys to consider

The perfect physical appearance, wanting to have the body of a model and look like a television star is an eagerness that has generated among the population of adolescents and some adults eating disorders epidemics. This time we will discuss the diet for patients with anorexia.

This disorder that some women suffer today, in which young women prevail, is known by the excessive restriction in the consumption of food. If someone you know stops eating for a long time, give them your help.

The consequences can be deadly. This disorder not only affects the physical health of the sufferer but also their mental health, which is equal or more important. It should be dealt with by specialists in the field. Continue reading “Diet for patients with anorexia: 4 keys to consider”

chronic fatigue

6 Eating habits that fight chronic fatigue

Do you feel tired all the time? Do you feel that even if you sleep, you do not get rid of laziness? Then you may suffer chronic fatigue syndrome.

One of the culprits of suffering from this problem is a poor diet. It is no secret that food makes your body work for what you eat, defines how you feel and how you look.

Chronic fatigue is what makes you crave a cup of coffee at the precise moment you wake up. The problem is that that is not enough, because all the time you are without energy. Continue reading “6 Eating habits that fight chronic fatigue”

protein diet

Benefits of a protein diet to lose weight

A protein diet is a type of intake that is based primarily on increasing the percentage of protein intake. The objective is to achieve that the proportion of these nutrients is greater than in percentage with respect to what would be in a balanced diet. On the other hand, this type of diet aims to help the body use accumulated fats as an energy source, thereby you lose weight. Continue reading “Benefits of a protein diet to lose weight”

during pregnancy

6 Benefits of eating watermelon during pregnancy

The moment the world learns that you are pregnant, you are bombarded with advice from all quarters. Yes, it’s irritating to hear virtual strangers throw off a list of tips, but I remember – you need a village to help raise a child! One of the most common tips you will hear is “eat fruits regularly.” There are numerous fruits that you can and can not consume during pregnancy. Watermelon, fortunately, is one of the fruits you can and should consume. Watermelon is healthy, nutritious, refreshing and energizing too. Continue reading “6 Benefits of eating watermelon during pregnancy”

Sushi Recipe

Easy Sushi Recipe

Every time we like oriental flavors more and although not everything is sushi in the Japanese kitchen, without a doubt this elaboration is one of the ones that everybody likes the most. As it is a dish that is expensive if we order it outside the home and it is very important to consume it fresh, today we want to show you this easy sushi recipe, so you can do it whenever you want. Continue reading “Easy Sushi Recipe”

12 interesting Italian food facts

If you thought Italian food was only spaghetti and pizza, then think again! Here are twelve interesting facts about Italian food to help you get better acquainted with this world-famous cuisine.

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Facts 1-6

1. If you share a dining table with an Italian, you’ll always find bread, water and wine but be careful never to place the bread upside down on the table otherwise it could bring you bad luck.

2. Italians take their dining very seriously: lunch usually begins with antipasti, followed by two other courses, dessert and an espresso coffee.

3. There are many interesting foodstuffs you’ll find on a dining table in Italy, such as horse, donkey, goat, sea urchin, sparrows, peacock and sea snails!

4. Italians usually only drink a milky coffee in the mornings as they like to dunk cakes or biscuits into cappuccinos and lattes.

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5. A familiar Italian saying before eating a meal is Buon appetito!, which is to wish diners in Italian restaurants in Dublin and around the world a good appetite.

6. Pizza originated in Naples during the 18th century when it was a flat, dry bread considered a food for poorer people. However, in 1889, once Queen Margherita tasted it, she ordered variations of ‘pizza’ from her chef who consequently created the Pizza Margherita.

Facts 7-12

7. During Christmas, Italians will eat a panettone, a special sweet bread cake. And on the 1st of January they’ll feast on lentils for good luck in the New Year.

8. There are countless types of pasta shapes and different sizes of pasta, which can be eaten either dried or fresh.

9. The word spaghetti actually means ‘strings’ from the days before factories when people would make their own spaghetti and hang them out to dry.

10. Lucrezia Borgia lends her name to the pasta we know as ‘tagliatelle’. This is in honour of her long, blonde hair and this pasta type is now widely served in many popular restaurants such as forno500.

11. The first pasta factory was opened in 1824 near Genova by the Agnese family.

12. There are various names given to the different types of establishments selling food in Italy. For example, you can buy any type of food in a Ristorante except for a pizza. For pizza you must go to a Pizzeria, of course!


Carrot Cake

Easy Recipe: Carrot Cake

Usually any cake is easy to make, although it is advisable to apply some trick to get homemade sponge cakes. However, in the case of the carrot cake does not have to do anything special to make it come out because it is not a sponge cake in search of everything else.

The crumb of this cake is dense, but juicy and moist. This involves the carrot, which plays a wonderful role. Do not confuse this carrot cake with carrot cake or carrot cake has nothing to do. This is an easy recipe, no frills, no spices, no cream cheese as a topping. It does not need it to conquer your palates. Do we check it? Continue reading “Easy Recipe: Carrot Cake”


Triple chocolate sponge cake: Recipe with and without Thermomix to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Is there a better way to celebrate a special date than chocolate? For me not, that’s why this triple chocolate cake seemed ideal as a dessert for Valentine’s Day. Do not be frightened how long preparation is, I advise you to read it first completely and you will realize that it is not as difficult as it seems a prior.

The important thing is to be clear that you have to make a mass of chocolate cake, a filling of chocolate cream and a chocolate ganache. If you want, you can prepare the biscuits in advance and store them wrapped in film paper to keep them wet until they are used. Continue reading “Triple chocolate sponge cake: Recipe with and without Thermomix to celebrate Valentine’s Day”