Bikers Fashion

19 bikers to make the difference of your halftime look

The expected season of halftime is approaching. We already want to keep the coat and rescue our most comfortable and versatile garment: the leather jacket. Every season the brands surprise us with new and original models to make the difference of a look. Bikers loaded with details, eye-catching colors and even trendy prints that look perfect for 24 hours. Continue reading “19 bikers to make the difference of your halftime look”

Christmas collection of Zara

The Christmas collection of Zara TRF is too ideal and very ‘low cost’

Every week Zara puts us ‘the long teeth’ with new proposals to which it is impossible to resist. The signature ‘low cost’ shows us the Zara TRF party collection with perfect looks to wear during the most sensual party nights and of course at Christmas. Continue reading “The Christmas collection of Zara TRF is too ideal and very ‘low cost’”

Miss Selfridge Dresses

Miss Selfridge teaches us how to dress every day of the week

Miss Selfridge Dresses
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Why settle for a single style when we can choose all? Miss Selfridge shows us that in the variety is the taste and proposes a very varied collection for this summer 2017. Change log every day of the week, yes, without leaving the savoir faire at home. Continue reading “Miss Selfridge teaches us how to dress every day of the week”

5 Helpful Fashion Tips for College Freshmen

Freshman year in college can be stressful. There is a lot of pressure with school work, tests, and fitting in. Some fashion tips can help alleviate some of the tension. You don’t have to spend that much either to keep up with the local fashion.

Many college freshmen feel a lot of pressure to fit in. There can be, but it depends on the group you hang out with. Don’t be afraid to define your own fashion. Freshmen can’t typically afford expensive clothing. Popular name brand sneakers and jeans will do if you are comfortable in them. Develop a budget to invest in stuff that lasts for a while and looks good. Continue reading “5 Helpful Fashion Tips for College Freshmen”


Makeup For Valentine’s Day 2017

Nothing left to Valentine and secure that you are turning to how makeup for your most romantic date night of February 14. For this, in this article, we are going to show the best make-up or make up for Valentine and that ye be great depending on the type of appointment you have. Come with us!

On February 14 is the perfect place to meet our partner day, and not surprisingly, we want to be perfect, beautiful and well made-up for our guys. The day is very long, depending on the time and the plan we have in Valentine we will be massaged in one way or another.

We are going to tell you how to make up if you have your appointment in the morning, afternoon or evening so that you are very beautiful. Continue reading “Makeup For Valentine’s Day 2017”


Seven perfumes to leave a mark this Valentine’s Day 2017

It is about the February 14, Valentine’s Day. And as is customary, many loving couples celebrate that day regaling something. Have a partner or not, today we show seven new perfect perfume to trace. Since the last creation of Rochas through a limited edition of the most special of Acqua di Parma, which one do you prefer? The choice is not going to be easy … Continue reading “Seven perfumes to leave a mark this Valentine’s Day 2017”


If you do not have this dress pink velvet sure you’ll soon ask yourself why!

The first time I saw this dress was Snapchat account of Gilda Ambrosio, co-founder of the clothing company Attico. The truth is that the dress not have an impossible pattern or a complex shape but it is clear that they were the first to rescue this simple form and merge it with pink velvet. Continue reading “If you do not have this dress pink velvet sure you’ll soon ask yourself why!”


Attentive to these 4 tips: Essential details to “land” on the beach with advantage

It’s time to vacation and touched review that “maintenance” we conducted, almost without realizing it, for a while: exfoliation, waxing, the result of that cellulite has therefore promised a repository to the wicks, dye … it seems that everything is ready! And yet, the early days of beach are “scary” for most of us. Attentive to the most basic, sometimes we forget some other detail that in the worst case can become a real problem.

An example? Although I do not want to tan my face, I recognize that until we have a few days in contact with the sea breeze, my appearance leaves much to be desired. I am from passing through various shades, before getting a healthy tone, and my face is a poem. That is just one of the stumbling blocks I find in my first vacation days, those days that most got tired, disoriented and even in some cases, something foolish with our choices of care. Win this effect is the mission enjoy from the outset, the goal.

What I face! What do I do?

In addition, suddenly, we are deprived of “all” makeup product in the face during those days of transition towards a new look. Days, in most cases, meetings, meals, greetings, you would want to deal with right product in the circumstances.

This year I tried 182 Teint Compact SPF 50+ of Maria Galland, formulated for summer days. If you care about the imperfections, dark circles, this compact long -lasting makeup suits all skin tones and tans the skin gently. Color provides such a flattering, is so light and protects so well that it has become one of my essential. Just a hazard, its effect is so beautiful on the skin that ye may not do without it. Continue reading “Attentive to these 4 tips: Essential details to “land” on the beach with advantage”

summer dresses

The most appetizing summer dresses with these ideas

Every morning when you wake up one feels good and with an energy that seems to never end, Good weather, sunlight and high temperatures can assist in this process, and all that good rollismo is transmitted when dressing. Looks simple but ideal where simplicity is present but shows us that is not important. Gauzy garments and pleasure found in stores, and these look so we ratify it. Continue reading “The most appetizing summer dresses with these ideas”