Best Detectives In Film History

The 13 Best Detectives In Film History

The premiere of ‘Murder on the Orient Express’, a new adaptation of the mythical novel by the great queen of suspense literature, Agatha Christie, is a pleasant return to the classic stories of whodunit, or who-did-it. That is, the traditional police narratives in which there are one or several crimes that are investigated among many suspects, and whose responsibility ends up being revealed in a final turn that (if there is luck) will catch the reader by surprise.

In these stories, there are two essential elements: a minimum of a corpse, and a detective. A researcher shrewd and intellectually superior to the rest of the characters in the story, who sniffs, interrogates and searches for clues through the crime scene (often, as in ‘Orient Express’, limited in space). These characters, professional or amateur detectives, are one of the great tropes of police fictions, and their presence goes back to the literary origins of the genre. Continue reading “The 13 Best Detectives In Film History”

Best Action Actresses

Empowered and Dangerous! The 13 Best Action Actresses

‘Atomic’ starring Charlize Theron has once again reminded us of a concept that, although it seems current, is actually almost as old as the movie itself: that of actresses who, Or charismatic cohorts of the expressive gorilla of turn, distribute stoppage, handle heavy armament or string choreographies as effectively and forcefully as their male counterparts. Continue reading “Empowered and Dangerous! The 13 Best Action Actresses”

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run, it is not the Mario of always, is one without brakes and with new challenges not easy

There are still mushrooms, bricks and coins, but the essence of the mythical game was still in a smaller jar and has finally passed the smartphones in an evolved version of that primal Nintendo Super Mario. The Japanese finally led to its mythical character to the mobile and exhausted after trying to making running hours, we finally have the analysis of Super Mario Run.

Thus, we have to leave aside the buttons of our console to handle the famous plumber on a touch screen and with some new scenarios and dynamics. Looking halfway between nostalgia and novelty stimulus, Nintendo brings a game that really counts several with characters who recognize instantly if we went that in his day and rode worlds looking at a princess.

If you have My Nintendo account, share with advantage

The game we have currently available in the App Store iOS and Android will arrive in 2017. We will see that the game is free, but this allows us to play three screens, twenty seconds of the fourth and become familiar with the game, so if we go further we have to pay 9.99 dollars. Continue reading “Super Mario Run, it is not the Mario of always, is one without brakes and with new challenges not easy”

Lara Croft

Twenty years of an icon named Lara Croft

It is famous worldwide for its archaeological forays, elegant acrobatics and art when beat a T-Rex to death. We speak of a British icon that has spent 20 years facing wolves, giant snakes and tops a little comfortable. Lara Croft is the most famous woman in the history of the game and, from the first Tomb Raider; his character has been the target of criticism and debate about its nature. As a tribute to his recently turned 20 years, we will review the different roles that had Lara, consciously or unconsciously, in our popular culture. Have you created such a school as indicated by their fame?

The pioneer

The first Tomb Raider from Core Design was a heats with more than 7.5 million copies sold. He was acclaimed for its unique range of exotic locales, intelligent puzzles, fluid controls and, uh, giant breasts. The star of the show was his enigmatic and athletic main character, which to the astonishment of many, was a woman.

Lara was not popular only in video games: it became a cultural icon. If there was a moment that marked his transition to general awareness, it was his appearance on the cover of the magazine The Face in June 1997. No mainstream magazine cover story had taken a character in the world of video games. He also shared space with another female culture banner of the moment: Gillian Anderson, Dana Scully X-Files

Tomb Raider triumphed deconstructing the industry standards. She demolished the figure of the damsel in distress expanding the range of female characters, although the rule that they must be objectified continues to sell this.

Heroes are traditionally male, with women stuck in a secondary role; and in this respect, Lara was news to the players. Wrote Nikki Douglas in 1999: “There was something refreshing to look at the screen and see myself as a woman. Even if he was making unrealistic missions, he still felt that was my behalf. In a game. How much have we expected to see this?” Continue reading “Twenty years of an icon named Lara Croft”


Clinched the 3D revolution, what is the next technological trick of the film industry?

Do you remember when 3D was going to be the salvation of the film, the great technological revolution that would bring it to compete with Internet and videos viewed via the mobile? Still you keep the glasses that you got when you went to see ‘Avatar’? Do not worry; Hollywood studios have also preferred to forget.

In fact, the second advent of 3D has ended up being more of a failure than anything else, and the film industry continues to look for technological trick that allows ** attract new viewers to theaters **, take them out of their homes where they can see what they want thanks to the many services VOD streaming * * available. Can it be that new trick virtual reality? What lessons have to be learned from the failed Hollywood 3D adventure? Continue reading “Clinched the 3D revolution, what is the next technological trick of the film industry?”


‘Arrival’ impressive teaser trailer for the new film by Denis Villeneuve

“The language is the first weapon that pulls in a conflict.”

Here we have the first trailer of ‘Arrival’, the new film by Denis Villeneuve, starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. The director of ‘Prisoners’ and ‘Sicario’ makes its first foray into science fiction before undertaking the complicated filming the sequel of ‘Blade Runner’. For now, what we see is an impressive looking. Continue reading “‘Arrival’ impressive teaser trailer for the new film by Denis Villeneuve”

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go: 17 things to know if you want to master the game

The launch of Pokemon game is always nice, because it is rooted in the heart of one generation after another franchise. However, this time is somewhat different, because Pokemon Go is the first that does not reach a Nintendo game console, but will be distributed on mobile Android and iOS.

This is a milestone; you look at it, because to catch Pokémon around loose in the real world is something that many have dreamed. And although its official launch is still doing to pray in many countries, it is possible to get other legal ways both Android and iOS (although the latter seems more difficult).

So, as I have already one day giving very hard, and I could above the beta test for a limited time, I have a few things to say about the game that could well enough to come along to start. Continue reading “Pokemon Go: 17 things to know if you want to master the game”