virtual assistant

Virtual Assistant | Work as a Virtual Assistant from home

Working as a Virtual Assistant is one of the simplest options for working from home. This type of employment that has emerged thanks to the internet and there is a growing demand for virtual assistants. Do you want to know more how to work as a virtual assistant from home? Below we give you all the keys to access this type of employment.

Virtual assistants are qualified professionals who provide administrative services to companies. These professionals work from home or anywhere else (coworking, cafeteria …). Continue reading “Virtual Assistant | Work as a Virtual Assistant from home”

car wash business

Car Wash Business:How to start a car wash business

Everything you need to know to start a car wash business. You will learn the three types of washes: home service, automatic and self-service.

Is a car wash business profitable?

The number of automobiles has increased considerably in recent decades. Each family has one, two and even three vehicles. But… Continue reading “Car Wash Business:How to start a car wash business”

successful women entrepreneurs

8 inspiring tips from successful women entrepreneurs

In today’s world, where insight, creativity and innovation shape the landscape of any business, women have repeatedly demonstrated that being a successful entrepreneur is possible. Their stories have shown how a simple dream can end up being real and become a great success. For those who also aspire to success as entrepreneurs, there are many things you can learn from these incredible women. Continue reading “8 inspiring tips from successful women entrepreneurs”

digital transformation

Six necessary competencies in the workers to advance in the digital transformation

There is a lot of talk about the digital transformation of companies, and they often forget a key element for their success, employees. After all, this process affects how people perform their work in a company. That is why before launching ourselves to define how our organization has to be digitized, we have to evaluate the necessary competencies in the workers to promote the digital transformation of the company. Continue reading “Six necessary competencies in the workers to advance in the digital transformation”

Business Canvas Marketing

Canvas Marketing: The Business Model

In this article, we will talk about Canvas Marketing of the Business Model. It is nothing more than the set of all those solutions both strategic and organizational through which an enterprise acquires a competitive advantage.

The business model is the main tool available to the management to interpret and manage the dynamics both within and outside the company. Continue reading “Canvas Marketing: The Business Model”


Virtual server and in the cloud, an increasingly real option for the SME

Within the needs that many companies have to work, one of the most important is the server. It is a team that will give us control of the centralized data, the applications we use and the access control necessary for different users. This requires dedicated hardware as well as maintenance and management. The other option is to look for a virtual server and in the cloud, an increasingly real option for the SME. Continue reading “Virtual server and in the cloud, an increasingly real option for the SME”

Usability and User experience

Do you know the difference between usability and user experience?

Usability and user experience are two terms of those who have heard referring to the online navigation. But do you know its definition and the main differences between these concepts?

The official definition of usability that provides the international standard refers to the capacity of the software product to be understood, learned, used and appeals to the user, when used under certain conditions. Moreover, the standard defines the user experience as the result of perceptions and responses of a person by use and anticipated use of a product, system or service.

Explained more colloquially, the usability of a web or platform is measured by how easy and intuitive it is to handle, while the user experience spans more factors and goes a step further, referring to the user satisfaction before, during and after browsing a website.

If your users are able to easily navigate your site, your site has a good index of usability as it meets its functional purpose. Furthermore, if the experience is pleasant, comfortable and positive, we can talk about a positive user experience, supported by the web design and menu navigation. Continue reading “Do you know the difference between usability and user experience?”

How to make better decisions and faster

The overload of decision-making is a very common experience among area managers and managers in general.

However, you can process the different options in a way more efficient and achieve better results by using something as simple as a checklist. Continue reading “How to make better decisions and faster”

The hype as a marketing strategy for SMEs

The term hype, in the area of marketing, is a smart strategy to emphasize one thing , idea or product to users / customers feel the need to consume.

What company will come to mind? Hawkers and glasses without going any further. And the queen, of course, Apple. What is needed to make a product stand out from the rest? Convert the consumer in the best marketing tool. And prescribes thanks to the “law of contagion” equip themselves with an added value to the product. Continue reading “The hype as a marketing strategy for SMEs”

Effective customer care begins at the end

Many companies boast of having the best customer service. Either through social networks, or through social networks, our problems are attended by people with a pleasant and operative profile.

The point is that during the purchase process, although it is important to retain the customer at every step, if the end did not get what you wanted, is useless to a court of kindness that does not give the fruit a service that meets the buyer. Continue reading “Effective customer care begins at the end”