Canvas Marketing: The Business Model

In this article, we will talk about Canvas Marketing of the Business Model. It is nothing more than the set of all those solutions both strategic and organizational through which an enterprise acquires a competitive advantage.

The business model is the main tool available to the management to interpret and manage the dynamics both within and outside the company.

Defining the Business Model Canvas

Business Canvas Marketing
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The Business Model Canvas is a useful tool to develop new business models. It is equally useful to also formalize existing business models. The Business Model Canvas is a chart pattern where you can visually summarize how a company creates value, the necessary resources and activities, customer segments, and financial aspects.

It is useful to companies to define the most suitable management mode, selecting among alternatives. This model may seem a tool for managers of large companies, but is actually an ideal tool to have a clear view schematic of any business project. Can be used for new product we want to produce, but also for the reopening of the pub close to home until the big industrial project.

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With very little effort, everyone has the ability to understand complex factors that affect the entire company operation: this is the communication advantages of the Canvas. In the literature, there are different conceptualizations that describe the business model, in most cases; however, the visual representation is rather complex and scarcely intuitive. Work proposes a unique model built starting from the similarities of a wide range of other frameworks that have taken place over time, creating a very comprehensive functional synthesis.

The Elements That Make Up The Business Model Canvas

Business Canvas Marketing
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The business model of an organization can be described with nine basic elements …

  • Customer Segments or segments of customers;
  • Value Proposition: The value of the products or services offered for each segment;
  • Customer Relationships: All relationships that are established with the client;
  • Channels: The channels through which to reach the customer;
  • Key Activities: All the key activities to implement the business model;
  • Key Partners: All the key partners with whom the company intends to form an alliance to create value for the customer;
  • Key Resources: Key resources company;
  • Revenue Streams: Revenues;
  • Cost Structure: The cost structure for resources, assets and key partners;

What is Canvas Marketing?

Business Canvas Marketing
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The Web Marketing Canvas (WMC) or simply said, canvas marketing, is a visual tool, practical and collaborative, to precisely define your web strategy. It begins with the understanding of what it is, its values and objectives to be achieved. It is very useful for projects to be undertaken, such as the launch of a StartUp, but is very effective also for existing companies that want to develop a structured and concrete their online presence.

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Graphically the canvas marketing can be traced, as mentioned, the business model. Even as a methodological approach is based on the same assumptions: simplifying the complexity by breaking down into specific modules that require each clarifying questions.

Questions that force us to reflect so limited as to where we are, what we offer to our audience, how to propose it, by what means and for what. Every single question and obviously its relative response, helps to shed light on the path that is taking place with their marketing choices.

This way you can have an overview of its strategy and consequential, and in parallel with a clear picture of the individual steps to implement it and verify the results. To build on the success of your online business you need before you even create the website; define every aspect of online marketing plan of your Company. The Web Marketing Canvas helps at this stage to organize ideas, develop and then monitor your project. It can therefore be a valuable support and an essential tool for your business, but also to assist and work better with your customers.

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