A beginner’s guide to underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is a means of controlling indoor temperatures to achieve the level of thermal comfort suitable for you. An underfloor heating system can be applied to new or renovated buildings. As a beginner, it is necessary to have an idea of the available systems and costs involved to choose the most suitable system.

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There are two main types of underfloor heating systems: electric, which is referred to as dry, and water, which is referred to as wet.

The types of underfloor heating

The warm water system may be buried or mounted. Buried underfloor means the water pipes are buried into the floor screed, which is then covered with your flooring of choice. Heat would be emitted from the entire flooring area. Unlike buried, the surface system is mounted atop the existing floor. This is relatively easy to fit but may be more expensive to run.

Electric systems are installed directly into the flooring and are separate to your regular heating. They are generally easier to install than a water system and are more expensive to run.

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Flooring choice

Your chosen type of flooring material will affect how quickly heat is generated and transferred to the floor surface. Stone or tile flooring will generally have higher levels of heat conductivity than wood engineered flooring from a stockist such as https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.ie/engineered-flooring.html.

Choosing the right type of underfloor heating is an important decision that will not only affect your level of comfort but also your utility bill.

5 more ways to make your roof last longer

Taking care of your roof means dealing with issues as soon as they arise so they don’t get out of hand. Minor maintenance is definitely preferable to flooded guttering or a cracked roof where water floods in. Here are five more ideas that can help keep the roof over your head in good condition for many years to come.

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Chimney repairs

A crumbling chimney means the mortar holding the bricks together needs attention. If the chimney collapses, this is bad news for the rest of roof. It is said that water damages chimneys more than fire does, so take care of any leaks.

Branch issues

Branches that are projecting onto your roof allow all kinds of creatures access to it. They can also cause damage and harbour moisture, and any material they shed goes straight into gutters or other crevices. For tips on pruning trees, see this report from The Guardian.

Flashing rust

Flashing made from iron can start to rust. It is important to remove the rust and seal the surface again to prevent more rust forming.

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Shingle action

If your roof is covered with shingles, they may blister due to damp; this is sometimes caused by inadequate ventilation. They will need to be replaced to prevent further damage. Avoid extremes of temperature when doing this for best results.

Ice build-up

When it is particularly cold, clumps of ice may solidify on the roof, which can cause damage and block downspouts and gutters. You can break up the clumps, being careful not to penetrate the roof, or use calcium chloride to break up the chunks of ice safely.

You may be aware of the many advantages of incorporating UPVC fascia and soffits into your roof repairs. If you want to find out more about the options available when it comes to to UPVC fascia and soffits, consider contacting a reputable company such as https://www.absolutebuildingplastics.co.uk/upvc-fascia-boards/ to find out everything you need to know.

If you attend to problems right away, you will find yourself living under a roof that delivers excellent value for money and lasts many years. One of the most important things to remember is that water trapped on or near the roof is a source of damp and decay.

Can nutrition affect sweet itch?

Those with horses will be all-too-familiar with the literal pain in the rump that is pruritis in horses. Caused by an immune system overreaction to the saliva transferred through midge bites, it can cause a real issue for horses affected with it, and for their owners trying to assist them!

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Does my horse’s diet affect their chances of getting bitten?

Simply put, no, your horse’s diet does not make it any more or less likely to get bitten. Despite the misleading name of the affliction, midges are no more likely to bite horses who might eat sweeter foods than they are to bite any others. They are remarkably unbiased in the types of horses they will try and bite – it seems to be only a lucky few who aren’t targeted by these tiny annoyances.

Can my horse’s diet help it at all?

Whilst your horse’s diet won’t affect the chances of it getting bitten, it’s certainly important. Maintaining a healthy diet filled with the right nutrients might not deter those pesky midges, but it can help your horse in getting through the after-effects. For example, the incorporation of fats into a horse’s diet affects the quality of their coat –http://articles.extension.org/pages/10270/nutrients-and-common-feed-sources-for-horses. If their coat has been rubbed away either by scratching or ulceration, fats in the diet can help the regrowth of healthy hair.

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Nutrition shouldn’t be the only consideration in ridding a horse of the affliction; this should be in combination with a treatment plan developed with your veterinarian. One thing they might recommend is the Stinky Stuff range https://www.stinky-stuff.co.uk/sweet-itch/ – a range of creams and oils which specialise in soothing the effects of sweet itch and alleviating the symptoms.

Alongside alleviating the symptoms, a horse’s nutrition is important for its wellbeing in general. Including ingredients that boost the immune system and general health of your horse might help to downplay the allergic response which can cause the itching. Remember, a diet can only go so far – it is important to ensure you are taking preventative methods into consideration. These include rugs, fly repellants, stabling at midge feeding times and several other methods you can find out about online. Putting these preventative methods into effect, in addition to the healthy diet you are implementing, will do wonders for your horse’s general health, and ability to recover from any unpleasant reactions.

successful women entrepreneurs

8 inspiring tips from successful women entrepreneurs

In today’s world, where insight, creativity and innovation shape the landscape of any business, women have repeatedly demonstrated that being a successful entrepreneur is possible. Their stories have shown how a simple dream can end up being real and become a great success. For those who also aspire to success as entrepreneurs, there are many things you can learn from these incredible women. Continue reading “8 inspiring tips from successful women entrepreneurs”

Five effective ways to reduce your website’s bounce rate

The bounce rate, or exit rate as it is sometimes called, represents the percentage of visitors to a web site who enter the site and leave – ‘bounce’ – without continuing to view more pages. It is debatable what is considered a bad bounce rate; however, of course, we all want to score low. How can you reduce your bounce rate successfully?

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Optimise page load time

The most common assumption if your bounce rate is high is that there are problems within the content. This might be true, but often the problem lies within a slow page load time. 47 per cent of users expect a page to load within two seconds or less – if yours fails to do so, the user won’t get as far as the content. On-page optimisation is essential in reducing bounce rate, and especially so with regard to mobile devices. Slow-loading pages are the primary cause of shopping cart abandonment.

Smart formatting

Think of your web pages as magazine pages rather than novel pages. We are all drawn to flick through a magazine – the articles are short, with the information bite-sized and interspersed with photographs. This is what keeps us moving through the pages. The key is that we are not overwhelmed with a deluge of uninterrupted text, which is what you are aiming for on your pages. Well-organised information holds your reader’s hand and leads the way. Use headers, bullet points and sub-headings.

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Bounce rate v on-site time

Look within a wider context – is the problem within a specific page or your entire site? This can be quite complicated to analyse. Google has more information and there are web designers in Reading, such as http://www.starwebinnovations.co.uk/, that can help to unravel the issues for you.

Don’t bombard with promotions

We all know of a high street shop where the sales assistant pounces, will not leave you to browse and talks at you endlessly. You run out of the shop before you have even noticed that gorgeous merino sweater that you would have gone on to buy. The same is true when you cram every spare pixel of space on your monitor with promotions.

Relevance, relevance, relevance

It is blatantly obvious but if the page is not exactly relevant to the reader’s enquiry, the reader will not hang about.

Could dirty buildings be increasing air pollution?

Grubby, dirty buildings are a common sight in our built-up areas of cities and towns. But did you know that the dirt that accumulates over many years gives off ozone when exposed to sunlight, the damaging substance found in smog. Smog is extremely harmful to public health. Dirty buildings in cities were previously not considered in matters of urban pollution, but a new scientific study changes that opinion. So, it would now appear that not only are grubby buildings an eyesore, but they could be contributing to harmful air pollution.

In congested urban environments, dirt and grime accumulates on the surface of buildings as a result of thousands of particles in our atmosphere. Building dirt can consist of thousands of different substances, most of which come from car exhausts, factory emissions and other manmade activities.

One of the substances is nitrogen oxide, which splits when exposed to sunlight to create nitric oxide and an oxygen atom. The released oxygen atom becomes assimilated with the oxygen in the atmosphere and it’s this process that causes ozone to form.

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Ozone naturally exists, up high in the sky’s stratosphere. It’s created during the process of ultraviolet radiation breaking oxygen molecules. This is the essential protective layer, keeping life on earth safe from harmful UV rays. Down on the ground though, it’s a different story. Ozone becomes a pollutant with health damaging consequences, as the main substance in smog – a combination of ozone, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxides and sulphur.

It was believed that the particles in the grime on buildings were stable and did not contribute to air pollution. However, a chemistry professor from the University of Toronto has carried out tests that suggest this is not the case after all.

Dirt was collected from different buildings in both Leipzig, Germany and Toronto, Canada. Glass beads were used to collect the grime as they offered a greater surface area than the flat surface of a window. Part of what was collected was left exposed to sunlight, while some was left in the shade. The findings showed that both sets of beads leaked nitrogen oxides into the air but those left in sunlight emitted 10% more. Perhaps it’s time to clean up some of the grime. For Masonry Cleaning Services, visit https://www.stonehealth.com/

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The results suggest that dirt on urban buildings could be contributing to air pollution and previous methods to combat and reduce poor air quality have been missing a sizable chunk of where that pollution is actually coming from. It seems reasonable to assume that there is the potential for nitrogen oxides to be recycled back into the air from the accumulation of dirt on buildings, thus giving rise to higher rates of ozone creation at ground level.

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Easy Sushi Recipe

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4 Tools For Creating Videos To Try

The film, in recent years, has gained such importance as to represent over 70% of internet traffic: you learn and remember much more easily thanks to the images rather than through the text, just think about the importance of visual memory for students and researchers. In the era in which innovation and digital revolution are the protagonist, one of the many corporate objectives is to be able to not fall into the trivial, not appear obvious and last but not least, always be a step ahead of others. Continue reading “4 Tools For Creating Videos To Try”

More top reasons that a holiday in Wales is better than jetting abroad

Wales may not be the most obvious choice for a summer holiday but there is much more to this stunning country than first meets the eye. From rolling hills and picturesque valleys to miles of beautiful coastline, Wales is a holiday destination just bursting with memorable experiences.

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A report in The Mirror highlighted that there was a 10% increase in Brits opting to stay in the country rather than jetting abroad for their holidays last summer and that 80% of us agree that a ‘staycation’ is less stressful than venturing further afield. With this in mind, what top tourist treats can you enjoy in Wales this year?

Cliff jumping

With plenty of coastline and ragged cliff fronts, the opportunity for thrill seekers to go ‘coasteering’ (which includes rock climbing, cliff jumping and swimming) is plentiful. You can even spend the night suspended on makeshift beds hanging from the cliff faces of Anglesey – an adventurous take on camping for willing Welsh Coast Campers. Or you can sit tight and watch the professional cliff jumpers make their daring descent into the sea: the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series takes place in Abereiddy.

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The Hay Festival

This world-renowned book festival takes place annually in the picturesque market town of Hay-on-Wye. Don’t be deceived by the quaint setting – this literature festival is one of the most famous in the world and attracts writers, artists and politicians from across the globe. Welsh Coast Campers can help you set up nearby and enjoy the atmosphere.

TV fans’ delight

If you are a fan of hit TV shows such as Gavin and Stacey or Dr Who then there are plenty of opportunities to visit key settings for the shows in Wales. Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan offers tours dedicated to the popular comedy show, while Cardiff is home to the Dr Who attraction.

A golfer’s paradise

Keen golfers will be pleased to hear that Wales is home to a whopping 200 golf courses in a variety of different settings. From large, well-known courses such as Royal St Davids to smaller, community-led courses, there really is something for everyone – why not tour the country trying out as many courses as possible?

Wales really does pack a lot of stunning scenery into a small space! Discover your Welsh adventure this summer.

5 ways to make the most of your warm home

Thanks to the advancement of technology such as insulation, we can brace our homes for the cold outside using methods that are sustainable and cost-effective. However, there are ways to make your home more enjoyable, keeping the winter blues away and passing the colder season in your warm home using these five tips.

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1.      Socialise with family and friends

Winter should not be spent alone; there is peace of mind, comfort and warmth in the companionship of others. Fill your home with fun and laughter, especially as the festive season has passed. Continue to get together for different occasions such as board games or card games, dinner parties, movie nights, or simply to spread goodwill to others.

2.      Eat well

Food is a comfort in winter, but ensure you do not overeat. Moderation is key when it comes to indulgent temptations during the long dark evenings. Eat healthily and try to balance your diet with satisfying warm food like hot soups or curries and ensure you eat enough Vitamin D foods such as soy, fish and mushrooms.

3.      Get comfortable

Ensure your home is inviting and cosy and provide constant cheer by keeping things neat and comfortable. Your home should be properly insulated, with the central heating switched on. For boiler installation in Gloucester enquire with Gloucester boiler Installers. Do not overheat your home and ensure to only heat the rooms you are using.

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Switch on lamps and allow more light to enter as the days are so short, introduce bright colours and scents with flowers and candles. Adding blankets and rugs can create inviting and snug surroundings.

4.      Stay active

It is tempting to remain indoors as snow falls outside, but this is no excuse to skip exercise. It is crucial to your health to keep active, and you will feel more content if you maintain levels of fitness. Moving will also help keep you warm from within, so try indoor activities such as skipping rope, stair stepping, strength circuit training or lifting weights.

5.      Broaden your horizon

Use the winter months as an excuse to learn something new and spend the time at home to study any subject, skill or language. There are plenty of online courses available in any subject you choose, check out books at the library and watch video tutorials.